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What is the science behind hydrocortisone steroid creams?

Hydrocortisone is classed a corticosteroid. This class of molecules can reduce inflammation, redness, itching & swelling. Used appropriately they can reduce pimples, zits, cysts, along with other inflammatory skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies, sunburn, as well as stings & insect bites.

Is steroid cream bad for you?

Long term use of steroids can lead to side effects. Be guided by your medical dermatologist.  Used in short bursts or application cycles, steroids have a good safety record. Dermatologists employ these medications in a pulsed or rotational manner.  An example is to use topical steroids nightly for one week, giving a break for the following week.

Are steroids useful in the treatment of acne - zits?

  • Yes, a quick precise shot of emergency cortisone can kill that zit or cyst. Steroid injections are best, however if you have an important event to attend, try some cortisone cream or ointment. Steroids work best on inflammatory pimples & pustules. Try three times a day application with 1% HC cream. Limit to 7 day maximum. See a healthcare professional if no better.Disclaimer: I am a procedural and not a medical dermatologist. I do not treat acne however my colleagues @cliniccutis can assist.

Davin’s Pro Tip On the use of Hydrocortisone

This basic steroid is an emergency fix for many skin conditions, much akin to the use of WD40 or duct tape for household chores! Steroids are super handy for extinguishing fires from irritant contact dermatitis to cosmetics, over application of actives, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn & even pimples.  Keep application times short and sharp & most people will not run into trouble.

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