Best used: To stimulate dermal collagen, replace volumeCaution: Good safety record Best for: Volume replacement, collagen stimulation
Comments: Similar in action to Sculptra PLLAMode of action: Collagen stimulator – bioremodelling agent Science Score:


SummaryPoly D-L-Lactic Acid / AestheFill

  • This injectable is both a volumizing agent as well as a collagen stimulator
  • It has a similar mode of action as PLLA or Sculptra
  • Collagen stimulators are primarily designed to reduce collagen loss
  • In some cases there can be visible skin tightening
  • PDLLA -last up to 2 years

What is PDLLA?Aesthefill

PDLLA is a collagen stimulator. It restores the deep, underlying structure of the skin by increasing collagen production. The aim of this injectable is two fold-

  1. Volume restoration. This requires 2-3 sessions
  2. Collagen stimulation or bioremodelling. This requires 1-2 sessions. 

What areas can be treated with PDLLA?

PDLLA, also known as this trade name can be used in the cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds, lower face & the neck/decolletage areas. It can also be used in the hands (however calcium hydroxyapatite is better in this area). 

How long does PDLLA last?

Up to two years. Ideally the treatment program injects 2-3 sessions of PDLLA. followed by annual maintenance. 

Davin’s viewpoint on PDLLA

Though it is classed as a new bioremodelling agent, I suspect the effects will be similar as Sculptra or PLLA. In summary, it produces variable amounts of volume, in addition to collagen depending on –

  • The volume & dilution used
  • The number of treatments
  • The location of injection
  • The level of injection (low dermis vs low subcutaneous fat)
  • Patient factors 

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