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What kind of dermatologist am I? What do I do?

I am a procedural dermatologist, namely my interest & my work is based around injectables (dermal fillers, muscle relaxants), lasers, energy devices, surgical procedures & deep complex chemical peels. 

The majority of my dermatology work is treating severe acne scars, surgical & burn scars, resistant rosacea, rhinophyma, facial-neck liposuction, birthmarks, significant sun damage, hyperhidrosis & pigmentation disorders.

The other hat I wear is a cosmetic dermatologist, namely I employ injectables, laser, energy devices, peels, & surgery to treat wrinkles, age related concerns, & laxity.

I do not practice medical dermatology, namely I do not treat acne, rashes, hair disorders. These are performed by my colleagues & nurses. For skin care advice, my nurses & dermal therapist will go through a suitable routine based upon your skin type & concerns.

What sets us apart?

Our values of clinical excellence & ethics: My team of clinicians share the same values of professionalism in achieving the best & safest possible outcomes without the BS of sales & conversions. This means we will always find the best possible treatments without the upsell. 

Experience & training: Our nurses have been trained in the art & science of aesthetic & laser dermatology for over 5 years. Cutis has a structured approach to training with weekly upskilling of therapists & nurses. The clinical team is integral to providing safe & effective outcomes to our patients. If you look throughout this website, I frequently make reference to the word ‘patients’, and not customers or clients. I believe this old fashioned clinical approach is a reflection upon our ethics & care that is universal- from simple chemical peels to complex resurfacing lasers.

Shared aesthetic outcomes: Every team member of Cutis Clinic shares the same vision of aesthetics, namely natural balanced results. We incorporate skin care, lasers, devices, threads, & injectables to give the best outcomes possible.

Equipment & research: Cutis has the latest equipment on the market. We are constantly acquiring new devices, averaging a turnover of 5 new devices every year. Davin is also a key opinion leader, principal researcher & advisor for numerous device companies, as well as injectables. Our commitment to teaching, research & development ensures we are ahead of the field.

What is the go with referrals need?

If you reside in Australia, you will require a referral to claim Medicare where appropriate. This is a legal requirement for a Medicare claim.

A referral is not required if you see me for cosmetic concerns including injectables (dermal fillers, muscle relaxants), wrinkles or liposuction procedures.

*Cases including acne-surgical-traumatic scars, birthmarks, red veins, rosacea, sun damage, rhinophyma, syringomas, are classed as medical. In the majority of cases there is a Medicare rebate, however this is based upon the diagnosis & the actual treatment.

Is my consultation private?

Yes. My consultations are conducted with a traditional approach, mamely I take the history & perform the examination in a private setting.

I understand there is a trend amongst most cosmetic dermatologists to get a history from you via a third party, namely an assistant or two present in the room. This process is efficient, but does not convey the information that I require, hence in the majority of cases my approach is traditional. I make up time through the information provided on this website, & on my social media accounts.

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