Acne Scar Revision

Do I do online Acne Scar consultations?

No, I do not offer formal online consultations. The reason is that touch & feel as well as 3D examination is a must for accurate diagnosis. I cannot feel atrophic areas (soft) vs fibrosis (hard) via photos or videos.

I am however active on, under the acne scars section. I answer questions on this platform on a weekly basis, namely, I will give my opinion online, but will not get involved in treatment. Where appropriate I will give an opinion on possible treatments & who to see.

Can I get treatment the same day?

In some cases, yes, in others I would need to coordinate my team of nurses as well as free up theatre space & an allocated time slot. I will attempt to treat interstate & overseas patients within 24 to 72 hours based upon the above factors.

Simple treatments such as steroid injections, & dermal fillers can be performed at the same time of consultation. Contact Cutis Dermatology to book an appointment.

What is the average downtime following acne scar revision procedures?

The majority of my work is under the skin. Expect swelling for 3-7 days, depending on the levels I work on. Lasers & deep focal peels take 3-6 days to recover.

What should I consider if I am an overseas or interstate patient?

The majority of international & interstate patients I see have failed to respond adequately with ‘conventional’ scar revision methods. This makes scar revision even more challenging. Time constraints & follow-ups also add to the complexity. In many cases, you may require several sessions for an optimal outcome.

I will do my best to fit your requirements & revise in a timely manner, considering safety paramount. It is important to assess scarring in real-time, meaning a touch of the scar areas to understand the degree of atrophy & or fibrosis (soft vs hard areas).

Animation & lighting is also important. Until we have a reliable way to assess scars with ultrasound, I place history & examination as vital steps prior to procedures.

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