Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation

Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation At A Glance

  • Best Results3-10 sessions
  • Treatment RecoveryImmediate
  • Procedure Time10-20 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistNurse, dermal therapist
  • Duration of ResultsLong lasting
  • AnaestheticNil to numbing
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$

Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation

Skin darkening can be due to many causes including melasma, sun damage & acne. Hyperpigmentation refers to a condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Lasers, peels & good quality skin care, including sun protection, can prevent & treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

FactsFacts on Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation

  • Ethnic skin types are more prone to hyperpigmentation
  • The most common cause of hyperpigmentation is chronic acne
  • Pigmentation is frequently seen secondary to peels, lasers & waxing
  • Lasers & chemical peels can also improve pigmentation
  • Precise skin care including regular use of sunscreen forms the foundation of treatment
  • The pigment can last up to five years

What causes Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation?

Skin conditions that irritate & inflame your skin can cause hyperpigmentation. Inflammation stimulates the pigment producing cells, known as melanocytes. This causes production of melanin which accounts for the dark colour of skin, known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH for short.

How long will it take pigmentation to go away?

This depends on many factors including your ethnicity, sun exposure & degree of inflammation. For lighter skin individuals, brown pigmentation usually takes 3 months to fade. For ethnic skin, pigmentation can last up to five years. PIH acne scarring is mostly due to mild to moderate acne & not due to cystic acne.

PIH can be effectively treated with PICO lasers. Only 2-3 sessions required.

What are the best treatments for pigmentation?

Treating pigmentation involves, prevention, protection & correction.

Prevention: essential step as this breaks the cycle. This applies to all cases of pigmentation including acne.

Protection: involves sunscreen selection & proper use.

Correction: involves the application of a lasers &/or a peel program coupled with precision skin care. For brown hyperpigmentation my go to lasers are nano over pico. Why? Nano lasers are far safer than pico lasers, additionally they provide a cost effective solution for the patient. Laser work by decreasing melanin (pigment) production in addition to removing excess pigmentation in the dermal layers. Chemical peels work by chemically exfoliating excess colour in the epidermis, or top layer of skin.

Precise, effective skin care forms the cornerstone of hyperpigmentation treatments. I formulate a program consisting of a combination of retinol, retinoic acid, pigment correctors, botanicals & skin acids, depending on the type of pigmentation & patient factors including skin sensitivities.

Acne Scars Hyperpigmentation, pico laser acne scars
Picoway + Picosure Pro are the best lasers for pigmented acne scars.

How can I fade dark spots from acne, fast (at home)?

Sensible natural remedies include creams that inhibit tyrosinase & prevent oxidation. Ingredients include arbutin, licorice, bearberry, cranberry, kojic acid, ascorbic, citric, lactic, & azelaic acids. The actual formulation of these ingredients to a cosmetically elegant, safe & effective cream is beyond my expertise as a dermatologist. Over the counter brand names are mentioned on my Instagram account @drdavinlim

Davin’s Take on Pigmentation Treatments

PIH or post inflammatory is one of the most common conditions treated @cutis_dermatology. By far the most frequent cause is acne. Other causes include chicken pox, melasma and treatments gone wrong, most frequently IPL, laser, peels, at home melasma treatments, & waxing.

pico laser acne scars
Picoway + Picosure Pro are the best lasers for pigmented acne scars.

Treatments are aimed at mitigation of PIH, this means the earlier effective prevention treatments are initiated, the more successful the treatments & the outcome. For some cases, working with a medical dermatologist will give you better long lasting outcomes than just treating the signs of pigmentation.

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