Asian Aesthetics & Injectables

Asian Aesthetics At A Glance

  • Best Results1-3 sessions
  • Treatment RecoveryImmediate
  • Procedure Time30 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistDermatologist, Davin Lim
  • Duration of Results12- 48+months
  • AnaestheticNil required
  • Back to WorkSame day
  • Cost$$-$$$

Asian Aesthetics

The Asian face has unique anatomical features specific to age & culture. This requires a different approach to facial rejuvenation & enhancement compared to Western counterparts. Dermal fillers can correct volume deficiencies on cheeks, chin, nose & temples. Muscle relaxants can reduce facial width, giving a more V shaped face. With injectables & threads I can reshape most faces for a more harmonious profile.

FactsFacts on Asian Facia Rejuvenation & Contouring

  • There are unique cultural & anatomical differences in the Asian face
  • Injectables including fillers & muscle relaxants should be employed accordingly
  • Facial slimming & filler rhinoplasty are commonly performed procedures
  • Medial cheeks fillers can provide support for the undereye area
  • Tear troughs can be corrected with dermal fillers or fat transplant
  • Lasers can decrease dark circles

How do I approach Asian Aesthetics?

Aesthetic treatments should be bespoke, addressing not only individual & age-associated changes but also ethnicities. Rejuvenation & enhancement should keep these factors in mind, whilst at the same time respecting cultural anatomical differences.

Read more to find out how I approach injectables & skin treatments across the ages.

What procedures are common for Asian patients in their 20s to 30s?

Younger patients will benefit from procedures that address race associated anatomical deficiencies, whilst at the same time preventing UV associated collagen loss & unwanted pigmentation.

The most frequent area I treat in this age group is the medial cheek & tear trough areas. Dermal fillers can provide support to the lid cheek junction, in turn decreasing shadows that give rise to dark circles. 

What procedures are common for Asian patients in their 40s to 50s?

A typical program is to correct, then maintain. This applies to volume, wrinkles, skin quality & skin tone.

Volume replacement is important in this decade as we go through age related changes including reducing of fat, collagen & bone. Conservative use of dermal fillers will not only enhance but maintain.

Skin tone can be improved with non-surgical devices including HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) & RF (Radiofrequency). Threads can also provide lifting, especially in combination with heating devices.

Skin quality & luminosity can be improved & maintained with lasers such as Fraxel, LaseMD, Clear & Brilliant, Picoway/Picosure & dermal toning.

What procedures are common for Asian patients beyond 50?

Above all, skin tightening. In general, Asian patients hold their collagen quality for longer, however post-menopausal there is a marked decline of collagen production & contraction, leading to jowls, eye bags & wrinkles.

Skin tightening can be achieved with Thermage, Ulthera – Ultherapy, & Pelleve – Tempsure. I prefer Tempsure as I can heat the dermis for longer, with added safety. This procedure can treat skin laxity on the eyelids, jowls, jawline & neck area. If jowls are heavy, my choice is Ultherapy.

Dermal fillers along the jawline, & cheek can displace & volumize, diminishing jowls. Skin quality & pigmentation can be improved with lasers, peels & clinical creams.

Davin’s viewpoint on Asian aesthetics

In aesthetic medicine it is important to respect & understand anatomical, physiological & cultural differences across different races & to apply treatments, including injectables, appropriately.

In general, Asian patients have strong jawlines, in particular the masseter muscle. This gives breath & projects a ‘boxy’ appearance. In aesthetics we seek soft oval curves. Botox the masseters, coupled with dermal fillers to the chin can soften the female face. Anterior projection of the maxilla can reduce the perception of ‘flattening’, improving the side & oblique profile.

In middle aged ethnics the aim is to ‘lift’ & tighten. Collagen stimulation & tightening can be achieved with treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy & Tempsure. Volume replacement with dermal fillers can treat sagging skin.

In the context of skin, Asians are more prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) & melasma. Additionally, acne scarring is more common as this ethnic group has the propensity to over produce collagen (hence why skin tightening devices work better in ethnics). Treatment of inflammatory dermatoses has to be more precise & aggressive to prevent PIH as this can take 6-18 months to fade. Recent studies have shown that nearly 50% of PIH persist after one year.

By applying the fundamentals of skin care with topicals, lasers, energy-based devices & injectables, we can effectively manage skin throughout the ages.

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