Asian Skin Rejuvenation

Asian Skin Rejuvenation at a glance

  • Best Results1-10+ Treatments
  • Treatment Recovery4 - 8 days
  • Procedure Time5 to 30 mins
  • Skin SpecialistDavin Lim, Dermatologist
  • Duration of ResultsVariable - years
  • AnaestheticNumbing to sedation
  • Back to WorkVariable
  • Cost$-$$$$

Asian Skin Rejuvenation

Brisbane has a mixture of ethnic skin types including Asian, Middle Eastern, as well as Caucasian skin types. Providing safe and effective skin rejuvenation for each skin type differs. Ethic and darker skin will need more specific and gentle laser treatments. My laser of choice include Fraxel, LaseMD & Pico.

FactsTreating ethnic and Asian skin types

  • Skin rejuvenation in Asian and darker skin types is a Specialist field
  • My favoured lasers are Fraxel, LaseMD, & Pico lasers for treating dark skin types
  • Treatments such as IPL can cause skin darkening
  • Ethnic profiles require different method of dermal filling
  • Skin rejuvenation, sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne scarring and rosacea can all be treated with specific lasers

What conditions are more common in Asian and ethnic skin?

Ethnic skin is not immune to conditions such as freckles, age spots, wrinkles, poor skin texture & pigmentation. There are however several skin conditions that are more common in Asian skin types. These include-

  • Skin pigmentation / Melasma
    this skin condition is much more common in Indians, Fijians, Pacific Islanders, Sri Lankans as well as Caucasian. Melasma presents are patchy areas of skin darkening around the eyes, forehead and upper lip. Bleaching creams, and Q Switch laser can help reduce pigmentation by 80%.
  • Age spots and sun spots
    these can also occur on Asian skin. The use of erbium laser, Q Switch laser, LaseMD, Pico or Fraxel can reduce pigmentation, rejuvenate skin and improve wrinkles. The 1927 wavelength is my preferred laser as the chances of skin darkening is very low with this machine. I also combine Pico lasers (not the older Picosure laser, but the Picoway)
  • Vitligo
    Vitligo is characterized by white patches most commonly around the eyes, mouth, limbs and trunk. Vitiligo is more noticeable in darker skin types due to the contrast in skin colour. This condition can be treated with anti-inflammatory creams and narrowband phototherapy.
  • Syringomas
    are tiny lumps and bumps that lie on the lower eyelids. Lumps may also occur on the upper eyelids. They do not cause symptoms but often increase in numbers over the years. Treatment using Erbium laser is the best method to remove these lesions.

    In ethnic patients pigmentation has many forms. Pico lasers are useful to reduce pigment. I use the updated Picosure Pro & Picoway.

melasma pigment 1
Pigmentation correction rank as the number one concern for Asian & ethnic skin.
Picosure is better than Picoway for treating pigmentation in Asian skin. Picoway however is better than Picosure for the treatment of birthmarks & post inflammatory pigmentation. Equiped with the best lasers enables my team & I to provide outstanding outcomes, safely.
PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is common in Asians, Middle Eastern & African ethnicities. Pico lasers can accelerate clearance by a factor of 10. Picoway is better for PIH compared to Picosure.


What is the difference in treating Ethnic skin types?

Skin rejuvenation in Asian and ethnic skin types are much harder than treating Caucasian and light skin patients. This is because if energy levels are too high, the result can be worse than the treatment. Ethnic skin has a much higher tendency towards skin darkening- known as PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This means that laser parameters have to be gentle and precise. Gentler treatment reduces the chances of PIH. Conversely Ethnic patients will need more treatments to achieve the same result.

Having a Specialist who treats Ethnic skin on a daily basis is advisable, as we can reduce the incidence of side effects, but provide the best outcomes.

What skin lightening and tightening program is best for Asian and ethnic patients?

Dr Davin Lim has developed a program to effectively address collagen & colour. This addresses wrinkles, & dull skin-pigmentation.

We employ Pico lasers & fractional lasers to treat pigment, improve skin texture, and decrease wrinkles. Unlike IPL or other lasers, this program is a gentle but effective as it targets both superficial pigment & deeper collagen.

Why do skin tightening treatments work better with Ethnic Skin types?

Darker skin types have more reactive fibroblasts. This means that ethnic skin can contract collagen easier than age matched Caucasian patients. Additionally collagen bundles are more dense in darker patients. Energy devices such as HIFU & RF (Tempsure, Pelleve, & Thermage) work better in darker skin.
HIFU with Ultherapy or Ultraformer can tighten the lower face. Candidate selection is crucial for best outcomes.

The flip side? Ethnic skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation, hence lasers treatments are much more conservative.

Davin’s viewpoint on treating Asian and ethnic skin types

Brisbane is increasingly becoming more ethnic in population with a mixture of Asians, South Americans, Latinos, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islanders. Treating cosmetic concerns such as age-spots, wrinkles, skin pigmentation & sun damage can be challenging. If conventional techniques are employed, skin darkening can occur. Laser treatments have to be conservative, and the parameters precise. The use of hats, sunscreen and sun avoidance post laser is absolutely essential or skin darkening will occur.

With the very latest pico lasers, my team & I can treat complex pigment issues in Asian & ethnic skin types.

My favoured laser is the 1927 wavelength. We have 3 of these lasers, namely LaseMD, Fraxel as well as the Clear & Brilliant. These lasers provide gentle treatments over several sessions. I often combine this treatment with vitamin A, B and C creams as well as pigment inhibitors.

Skin rejuvenation including a reduction in pore size, wrinkles, & improved skin texture and tone can all be achieved, however an extra few laser treatments are needed. Newer generation Pico lasers including the Picoway are much better compare to the older Picosure (first generation lasers).

Pico lasers, unlike the Fraxel has NO downtime. Treatments are gentle and gradual, and performed over a few weeks. This is ideal for skin pigmentation and can be used to improve skin texture and skin tone.

Pigmentation such as Melasma can be treated with Picoway, Picosure Pro, LaseMD as well as Spectra lasers.

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