Compounded Creams for Excessive Sweating

  • Best Results2-7 days
  • Treatment RecoveryNA
  • Procedure TimeNA
  • Skin SpecialistNurse Practitioner
  • Duration of Results18 to 90 hours
  • AnaestheticNA
  • Back to WorkNA
  • Cost$

Compounded Creams for Excessive Sweating

Special compounded creams can be tailor made for patients with excessive sweating. These creams can be used in areas such as the hands, feet, face and focal (spots) that exhibit excessive sweat glands. The concentration and type of the agent used depends on many factors including the location of sweating, the skin sensitivity of the patient, and the side effect profile.

FactsFacts on Compounded Anti-sweat Creams

  • Anticholinergic creams can be useful for treating excessive sweating
  • They are best used on focal areas including hands, feet & facial sweating
  • Topicals are limited by absorption over a large surface area
  • Compounding pharmacists can provide bespoke concentrations
  • A typical formulation consists of 0.5 to 2% glycopyrrolate in aqueous cream
  • Lotions can be used for scalp sweating

What areas respond best to anti-sweat creams?

Anti-sweating creams can be used in almost every area of sweating, however certain factors limit their use. Firstly, skin irritation may occur if they are used in places such as the armpits, and groin area. Secondly, if these creams are used in large areas of sweating, then absorption may occur. This can lead to side effects such as sedation and dry mouth.

In summary, anti-sweating compounded creams are best used for isolated areas including the hands, feet, face & scalp (glycopyrrolate lotion).

How do formulated creams reduce sweating?

Formulated anti-sweating creams are specially made creams that contain anticholinergic properties. In summary, these family of drugs block the production of sweat by the sweat gland.

The idea behind creams is to deliver the drug to the localised areas of sweating, such as the hands, feet & face, and avoid systemic absorption of the drug. This in theory can decrease any side effects from anti-cholinergic drugs.

What are anti-sweat creams?

Dr Davin Lim has developed the Clarity Program for treating darker skin types. This

The most prescribed topical we use is a glycopyrrolate based cream. The concentration of this cream is determined by your dermatologist. In general, sweating of areas such as the face and neck will require a lower concentration compared to sweating on the hands and feet.

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We employ Pico lasers & the 1927 Thulium wavelength to treat pigment, improve skin texture, and decrease wrinkles. Unlike IPL or other lasers, this program is a gentle but effective as it targets both superficial pigment & deeper collagen.

Can I buy these creams from any pharmacy?

No. These creams such as glycopyrrolate are highly specialised in their formulation, in addition most patients will require a customised concentration to obtain the best results, whilst minimising side effects. Special pharmacies known as compounding pharmacies can help formulate anti-sweating creams.

Contact MySkin Pharmacy in Taringa for more information. You will require a prescription from a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Davin’s Viewpoint on the use of Creams for Sweating

Formulated anti-sweating creams can be useful for certain types of sweating, including excessive sweating of the hands, feet and face. Formulated anti-sweat agents such as glycopyrrolate can be customised to different concentrations depending on skin irritation and side effect profile.

I prefer the use of Iontophoresis for hands and feet, whilst underarm areas respond most predictably to anti-sweat injections. The challenge is to find the correct concentration whereby the patient receives benefit, whilst minimising side-effects such as sedation and dry mouth syndrome.

Disclaimer: I do not provide medical management of HH, please consult your dermatologist for compounded creams.

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