Cosmetic Treatments – for Men

Cosmetic Treatments At A Glance

  • Best Results1-2 treatments
  • Treatment Recovery0-7 days
  • Procedure Time10-40 min
  • Skin SpecialistDermal therapist, nurse, dermatologist
  • Duration of ResultsMonths to years
  • AnaestheticVariable
  • Back to WorkImmediately-5 days
  • Cost$-$$$

Cosmetic Treatments - for Men

More men are receiving cosmetic treatments to hold back time, and refresh themselves. The most commonly performed treatments are fillers for volume replacement, anti-wrinkle injections, & laser resurfacing for sun damage. One in four of my patients are men.

FactsFacts on cosmetic treatments for men

  • Skin rejuvenation in Asian and darker skin types is a Specialist field
  • My favoured lasers are Fraxel, LaseMD, & Pico lasers for treating dark skin types
  • Treatments such as IPL can cause skin darkening
  • Ethnic profiles require different method of dermal filling
  • Skin rejuvenation, sun spots, age spots, freckles, acne scarring and rosacea can all be treated with specific lasers

What are the most common treatments for men?

Skin & aesthetic rejuvenation for males has seen a tremendous increase in the past decade. One in four of my patients are males, ranging from 20s to 70s & beyond. Simple non-surgical solutions include injectables, lasers, peels, & simple skin care.

Botox– this is the Universal Vitamin B for both men and women. The frown line and forehead lines are the most commonly treated areas.

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Fillers– just like women, as we age, volume is loss from the mid face area. A tiny bit of dermal filler goes a long way in restoring youth & enhancing contours.

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Sun damage treatments- Brisbane’s high UV index gives rise to premature ageing, wrinkles and sun spots. Fraxel laser is an excellent method to rejuvenate your skin with just one treatment session.

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Acne scar removal- scars are common in both men and women, especially if you suffered acne in your early years. Dr Davin Lim is a World expert in the treatment of acne scars

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Hair removal – laser hair removal is the Gold Standard for permanent hair reduction. Men most frequently request hair removal for the back, legs, chest and outer arms. An average of 6 treatments can achieve permanent hair reduction with touch ups once a year.

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Fillers such as Restylate or Juvederm can relax smile lines and replenish loss volume- with zero downtime.

What are the differences in treating men and women?

Lots. In women, we strive for beauty, in men we do not want to feminise the look. Subtle differences in Botox technique and filler treatment is essential in keeping men looking like men.

The essentials regarding male rejuvenation include-

Think lines, think sharp angles. In males we want to enhance the jawline. What have leading male actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt & Chris Hemsworth got in common? A strong jawline. How to? Dermal fillers to create angles. Male aesthetics means an ideal angle of the jaw angle of between 95 to 100 degrees.

For men in the 40s, I do think a little expression lines are natural. My MO is to relax, but not freeze.

Cheek bones can also be enhanced, however not too much to feminise male features. Once again it is all about the angles.

Nasolabial folds? In 90% of cases I leave them, unless they are as deep as William Defoe’s. Natural rejuvenation is the trend.

I am a Tom Cruise fan, I do think that his current look is much better & more natural- less fillers compared to a few years ago. Once again, it is the jawline that defines the male.

How can we treat sun damage?

The best method of treating sun damage is with fractional laser resurfacing. Lasers can remove at least 80-90% of sun damage in the one session. Your skin will heal up in only 5-6 days, and even wrinkles and pigmentation will be improved.

One fractional laser treatment can remove years of sun damage and refresh your skin. Skin completely recovers within 5-6 days.

How much are treatments?

Treatments are more affordable than you think. Simple laser resurfacing with the Clear & Brilliant start at $460, whilst chemical peels start at $92 AUD.

My favourite combination is with the eCO2 with fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing. This treatment can turn back the skin’s age by up to 10-15 years. Only one session is required. Cost for this treatment starts at $1290, conducted by my laser nurses @cutis_dermatology.

Botox & dermal fillers can be conducted by my aesthetic nurse or by me! Simple Botox starts at $390.

Frown lines can make you look angry all the time. Subtle BOTOX to this area can relax lines and give you a natural look.

Davin’s viewpoint on cosmetic treatments for men

In my practice, cosmetic treatments a decade ago saw the ratio of women to men was 30 to 1, now in 2021, the ratio is 4 to 1. More men are seeking treatments to look and feel younger. Treatments are vastly different, as the aim in men is not to feminise their appearance. The use of filler & Botox, combined with laser can give an excellent outcome that looks natural.

Apart from Botox, my second most requested treatment is to improve broken blood vessels. This can be done with a variety of lasers, depending on the location and thickness of vessels. Treatments are partially claimable thru Medicare.

Eyelid surgery also plays a huge part in rejuvenation of men. I had my eyelids done in my 40s. Over time we loose collagen and elastin, and this can lead to droopy & sleepy lids. Simple laser surgery can tighten loose skin. If laxity is marked, I perform eye lid surgery- this is called blepharoplasty.

As with treating females, male cosmetic treatment follows the same principle- subtle changes over time to make a difference whilst preserving the natural look. Aim for a decade younger.

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