Cutting Scars – Tattoo cover ups

  • Best Results1-4 sessions
  • Treatment Recovery3-7 days
  • Procedure Time1-12 hours
  • Skin SpecialistTattooist
  • Duration of ResultsCan be permanent
  • AnaestheticNA
  • Back to Work0-3 days
  • Cost$

Cutting Scars - Tattoo cover ups

Tattoos are awesome at covering up cutting – self harm scars. Your tattoo artist can design a work of art that can hide scars. Bold designs are better at hiding scars compared to fine designs. Other options include micro needling with cosmetic tattoo ink. Cosmetic tattooing is semi-permanent.

FactsFacts on Tattoo Cover ups for Self Harm Scars

  • Cover up tattoos can effectively camouflage cutting scars
  • Flat scars do best
  • Raised scars should be flattened with lasers & anti-inflammatory injections
  • View traditional tattoos as permanent
  • Cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent options
  • Work with a passionate tattoo artist to decide what design is best for your scars

Why tattoos?

Tattoos are awesome at camouflaging cutting scars. They can be performed on the arms & legs. With thought & design, a good tattoo empowers you to feel better about yourself & close the self-harm chapter.

Cover ups designed properly can hide the majority of self-harm scars. 

What types of cutting scars are amenable to tattoo cover ups?

Flat white or pink scars do best with tattoos. Do not try to get a tattoo if your scars are raised, as tattoos do not cover up contour changes. Flatten hypertrophic or keloid scars before camouflage tattoos. 

Working with a talented & understanding artist can cover up cutting scars.

Why flatten cutting scars before a tattoo?

Contour changes (raised scars) do not hide well in tattoos. Additionally, the needles & ink of tattoos can, in some people, cause raised areas. Hence it is best that you consider flattening scars before seeking a tattoo. 

My clinical team at Cutis can guide you through this process. We use a combination of lasers, steroid injections & silicone tape to help flatten this type of scarring. Once flatten, we can work with your artist. 

What factors should you consider when deciding on a tattoo?

Consider this very carefully. Do your research on what design inspires you. Do some research on your tattoo artist. Take a few weeks to decide. Though I do have lasers that can remove tattoo ink, you should view your tattoo as a permanent fixture on your skin.

Consider what is meaningful to you now & in the future. You should elect to see an artist noted for your style of tattoo, examples include traditional tats, script, portrait, Japanese style & others. Remember, they are artists & will gravitate towards what they enjoy creating.


Davin’s Viewpoint on tattoo cover ups for scars

I think the most important aspect of ink is to find an artist who fits your style of tattoo. Self-harm scars are relatively easy to cover up- if they are flat. Check out an artist’s portfolio to see if they have the style, you are looking for. Most tattoo artists will have extensive experience in the context of ink over cutting scars, be guided by them. View a tattoo as permanent, hence do not be rushed into any hasty decisions.


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