Dermatologist Sydney – Dr Davin Lim

Dermatologist Sydney – Dr Davin Lim

By Dr Davin Lim, Procedural Dermatologist, Brisbane & Sydney

Dermatologist Sydney – Dr Davin Lim

Yup, I am working as a Dermatologist in Sydney. I will be working with my partner, Dr Van Park in the Clinic DVP. I will be opening my books later this year (Q4 2023) for selected cases, more on that later. Dermatologist Sydney.

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Where am I located?

In addition to Cutis in Brisbane, I will be in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney from Q4 2023. It’s a boutique clinic run by my partner, Dr Van Park. In 2024 I will commence work in a Sydney dermatology clinic with operating theater facilities. This is where I will be doing my cases of scar revision, birthmarks & surgical cases (liposuction, blepharoplasties etc).

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What conditions will I see?

For 2023 my consultation & procedural list will be limited to the following conditions based upon the clinic set up in Sydney (no operating theater) –

  • Injectables; this includes dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections
  • Skin tightening procedures; HIFU, RFM, TriLift 
  • Melasma & pigmentation treatments
  • Low level non-surgical acne scar revision procedures; RF microneedling, low-level lasers, dermal fillers & biostimulators for scars
  • Rosacea treatment- lasers

Our Sydney practice in the Eastern Suburbs is very different from the operating theater I have at Cutis Dermatology in Brisbane. In 2024 Q1/ Q2 I will be operating from a theater in central Sydney. This theater provides sedation lists, hence I will be performing the following procedures- 

  • Surgical scar revision (sedation list); high level lasers & subcision 
  • Ablative laser resurfacing with CO2 & erbium lasers
  • Liposuction; neck 
  • Eye rejuvenation, surgical & laser blepharoplasty
  • Medium to deep chemical peels 
  • Keloid excision (earlobes), complex scar revision
  • Birthmark treatments under sedation; larger port wine stains

Who is my team in Sydney?

My team consists of my partner (Van), Kate (cosmetic physician), Louise (dermal therapist) & Tracee (practice manager). More on the practice here.

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What about skin consultations?

We have Louise, our experienced dermal therapist at Clinic DVP, Sydney to take you through skin care curated by Dr Van Park & myself. This consultation will take into account your current skin condition, background diagnosis, as well as your expectations. 

*I do not provide skin care consultations as my work is entirely procedural. Our therapist will provide the necessary time to prescribe skin care based on your concerns.

What conditions won’t I see?

Anything medical, namely conditions that require a prescription. I gave up medical dermatology 15 years ago. (In truth I haven’t really given up medical dermatology, I still read journals on a daily basis plus I am on numerous forums as an alias. I still love the challenge of a diagnosis & a management plan, but I don’t get involved in patient treatment). Hence I do not consult for the following conditions-

  • Acne (best treated by a medical dermatologist in Sydney) 
  • Any rashes/itchy skin/ spots/moles 
  • Skin care (this is provided by Louise our dermal therapist)
  • Hair loss treatments & diagnosis 
  • Side effects from treatments at other clinics (Clinic DVP is not equipped for this)

How do I book an appointment?

Depending on your preferred location, please get in touch with my admin teams using the links below:

Sydney –

Brisbane –

International / Virtual –

We will be developing a patient questionnaire in Q4 to see if I can help you at our Sydney clinic. The process goes something like this- 

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Send it through. I will have a look at it. 
  3. If I can help you, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then book in to see me, or our staff at Clinic DVP. 

In the interim, you can book an appointment to see Kate (cosmetic physician) or Louise. 

Contact Tracee, our practice manager for an appointment.

What equipment do I have in Sydney?

I am slowly but surely building up the practice in Sydney at DVP. Here is our current laser & device list as of 2023- 

What is in store for 2024 & beyond?

My aim is to develop a laser center for Clinic DVP in the next few years, equipped with the best lasers from the industry. Plans include –

  • Fractional CO2 lasers.
  • Picosure Pro picosecond lasers for ethnic & darker skin types.
  • SoftWave for skin tightening.
  • Hybrid lasers. 

Our aim is to replicate the repertoire of energy devices at Cutis Dermatology, Brisbane. This means that our patients at Clinic DVP will have the most technologically advanced lasers & energy devices in Sydney, with treatments provided by a highly cohesive & trained team. 

Which dermatologists in Sydney do I refer to should you have medical problems?

My work is entirely procedural, namely I cut, laser, deep peel, or inject. I do not practice medical dermatology (except for cases pertaining to the procedure itself). On this basis we may refer you to my colleagues in Sydney to assist us in managing your skin condition. 

Dr Adrian See, Western Sydney.
Dr John Sullivan, Miranda Sydney.
Dr Penny Lee, Bondi Sydney.
Dr Lisa Abbott, Darlinghurst Sydney.
Dr Robern Rosen & colleagues, Kograh, Sydney. 

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