Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing; At A Glance

  • Best Results1 treatment
  • Treatment Recovery7-12 days
  • Procedure Time60 min +
  • Skin SpecialistDavin Lim
  • Duration of Results5-10+ Years
  • AnaestheticSedation, gas, blocks
  • Back to Work7-14 days
  • Cost$$$$

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Fully ablative erbium & CO2 resurfacing gives your skin a second chance. This procedure resurfaces the skin to the mid dermal layer, removing wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation & textural irregularities. It can potentially reverse your skin’s age by over two decades.

FactsFacts on laser resurfacing with Erbium & CO2 lasers

  • Lasers can address a multitude of skin issues
  • Fully ablative laser resurfacing is referred to when the entire surface area of skin is treated
  • Ablative laser resurfacing is performed with 2 types of lasers, Erbium & CO2
  • Healing times range from 7-12 days
  • The procedure is conducted under partial sedation in a laser theater
  • Lasers are best for improving skin quality including deep wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation & scarring due to acne, trauma or surgery

How is erbium ablative laser resurfacing different from Fraxel & fractional lasers?

Erbium Laser Resurfacing

Fractional lasers treat only parts of the skin’s surface, typically between 10 to 40%. The untreated ‘fractions’ of skin, enables faster healing times. Because some areas of the skin are sparred, most people undergo several laser treatments over a course of months.

Fully ablative lasers remove all of the skin’s surface. I manually control the depth of ‘ablation’ and how deep lasers go. Whilst fractional lasers have their use, the outcomes are limited by the device & operating protocols. In contrast, ablative lasers are manually controlled.

Deep resurfacing remove wrinkles, pigment, sun damage, scars & superficial skin cancers.

What types of lasers do I use to perform fully ablative laser resurfacing?

In the majority of cases I use 2 laser wavelengths to achieve the desired goal.

I combine fully ablative Erbium Laser, with fully ablative CO2 laser. Depending on the task, I may use Erbium as a fully ablative laser, then swap to CO2 as a fractional laser. In other cases, I use CO2 fully ablative and then combine Erbium as my last pass.

The ideal combination depends on factors such as your skin’s natural color, thickness, depth of wrinkles, degree of sun damage, downtime & expected outcomes.

Watch my YouTube videos on laser resurfacing to gain some understanding of the complexity of choosing what lasers to use in particular locations.

Who is the ideal candidate for fully ablative erbium / CO2 laser resurfacing?

The ideal candidate will have moderate to severe wrinkling. They may also have extensive sun damage, sunspots, pigmentation, open pores & scarring. Ablative laser resurfacing is best applied to patients with extensive photodamage.

 Photoaging accelerates one’s chronological age. This presents as poor skin quality, excess wrinkles, laxity & dull skin.

For mild to moderate cases, 1927 & CO2 fractional lasers will give an excellent result, without the prolonged downtime or cost associated with fully ablative procedures. To see if you are a good candidate for fractional lasers, book an obligation free consultation with my nurses.

One conservative treatment can improve
wrinkles & photaging.

What results can I expect from erbium / CO2 laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing can produce outstanding results that will transform your skin texture & tone.

Lasers can reduce eye bags as well as tighten the skin around the eyes– without the need for antiwrinkle injections. It can also provide skin tightening to lift eyelids by up to 1.8 mm (laser blepharoplasty).

One session with lower lid laser, upper lid surgery.

Resurfacing is also the best way for reduce smoker’s lines surrounding the lip. Erbium laser can also improve your skin’s texture, markedly removing scarring from acne, surgery or trauma.

Raised lumps & bumps including age warts, syringoma & cholesterol deposits can also be treated with lasers. Depending on what I am treating, I will give you a realistic & accurate expectation of the outcomes following resufacing.

Davin’s viewpoint on laser resurfacing using erbium and CO2 lasers

Even with the event of fractional lasers, fully ablative laser resurfacing using combination CO2 & Erbium lasers can deliver far superior results with only one treatment. By using both lasers, I can choose the amount of collagen stimulation in key areas- such as under the eyes and in front of the ears. This gives a laser lift due to collagen contraction.

This procedure can give up to two decades of rejuvenation. The flipside? Downtime ranges from 7 to 12 days, even longer. Redness is often persistent for a few weeks to months. Resolution can be sped up with vascular lasers.

Most frequently the skin rejuvenation journey involves volume replacement, usually at week 4-8 with dermal fillers. It is important to understand that lasers markedly improves skin quality, however optimal & balanced rejuvenation addresses volume deficits. This can be achieved with dermal fillers, or fat transfer.

If the patient has darker skin, a more conservative approach is taken. This includes fractional CO2, often in combination with pico laser resurfacing.

For conditions such as Rhinophyma, the CO2 is a must- this laser delivers heat as well as ablation to stop the bleeding associated with lasering this condition.

In summary, laser resurfacing can be conducted for all sorts of skin conditions including medical resurfacing- scars, benign skin tumors such as syringomas, skin cancers, rhinophyma, and sun damage. Conversely, laser resurfacing can also be used to treat cosmetic concerns such as sagging skin, loss of tone, wrinkles, upper lip lines and poor skin texture. The flexibility of using BOTH types of lasers for different applications, combined with the skill level of the operator can result in a remarkable transformation. See the before and after gallery for more information.

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