Facial Veins

Facial Veins At; A Glance

  • Best Results1-3+
  • Treatment Recovery1-3 days
  • Procedure Time5-12 min
  • Skin SpecialistDavin Lim, nurse, therapist
  • Duration of ResultsVariable to permanent
  • AnaestheticChilled air
  • Back to Work1-2 days
  • Cost$-$$

Facial Veins

Facial veins are a common dermatological condition. They increase with age. Conditions such as rosacea & chronic UV exposure are causative factors. Lasers provide a simple, effective & safe avenue for treating vascular spots, thread & spider veins.

FactsFacts On Face / Thread / Spider Veins

  • Thread veins are commonly seen around the nose & cheek area
  • Spider veins can occur at any age group
  • Veins are more commonly seen if skin is inflamed, example, rosacea
  • Lasers provide the best & safest solutions
  • Treatments are painless as we use dynamic cooling
  • Post procedure skin care can reduce recurrence
  • Medicare provides a rebate in most cases

What are spider veins/capillaries?

Broken capillaries & spider veins are fine blood vessels responsible for microcirculation. They are grouped together under your skin, however, can become more prominent with age. They can present as broken capillaries or thread veins, most commonly around the nose & cheeks. 

Spider veins or angiomas are different. These are red dots with spidery ‘legs’. Despite their differences, lasers are highly effective.

Facial veins are treated with vascular lasers. We select the laser of choice based on the depth & size of veins.

What is the best treatment for facial veins?

Lasers provide the most predictable outcomes when it comes to treating facial veins. Treatments are fast, painless & highly effective. 

We use 8 different lasers to reduce redness, depending on your skin type, size & location of blood vessel.

Lasers provide a predictable solution to
veins, broken capillaries & blotch red skin.

Is laser a medical or cosmetic treatment?

Red veins can be classed as a medical treatment, as most cases carry a Medicare rebate.  Many cases are secondary to inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, or chronic UV exposure (especially in Queensland).

*Rebate applies for vessels seen at 3 m. Treatment via specialist, using vascular lasers.

What is the recovery time following laser treatment?

0-3 days depending on the extent & severity of broken capillaries.

Day of procedure: +/- Bruising.

Day 1-3: Bruising fades.

We will give you an accurate guide as the downtime. I suggest getting your veins zapped on Friday or Saturday as you will recover by Monday.

Is the procedure painful?

No. Treatments are well tolerated as we use a cooling spray. Laser treatments feel like a rubber band flicking on the skin, much akin to laser hair removal.

Davin’s viewpoint; treating facial veins

Matching the correct laser/wavelength gives best results. In the majority of cases, the pulse dye laser is my go-to device. The DCD or dynamic cooling provides unparalleled patient comfort and safety.

For larger calibre vessels on the nose & around the eyes a long-pulsed Nd Yag laser is best. IPL or intense pulsed light devices can also be used.

For simple cases of veins, book an appointment with my nursing team.

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