For Referrers

For Referrers (Including doctors, colleagues, nurses, & aestheticians)

My team & I welcome all patient referrals from doctors, nurses, & dermal therapists.

I practice as part of a multidisciplinary team at Clinic Cutis, Brisbane. My expertise is in procedural dermatology including surgical, laser, complex injectables, energy devices, & scary deep peels. I also have a background in cosmetic formulations & skin care (the fuzzy bit of my job). Cutis Medical handles general dermatology.

How to refer?

You can fax referrals to 3088 69 85 or directly to Once we have received a referral, we will contact the patient to schedule an appointment within 24 hours.

How to refer URGENTLY?

As part of my specialist training, I have a commitment to seeing urgent procedural complications including laser & chemical burns as well as acute dermal filler reactions including arterial occlusions & nodules. I usually see acute cases on the day.

I am also part of a national network of specialists, on call for super urgent interventional procedures including acute arterial occlusions. My team can arrange for patients to meet me at the nearest A&E department after hours. In cases of arterial occlusion, immediate reversal of dermal filler is the Gold Standard. Every-single-hour-counts. 

Do I see medical dermatology cases?

No. If I can’t cut, stab, inject, laser, illuminate, peel, tie, pull, tighten, transplant or desiccate it, chances are it is medical dermatology. My esteemed colleagues at Cutis medical can provide a diagnosis & treatment plan.

I still practice medical dermatology as you can find me under an alias name on IMCAS & other medical forums. I also provide second opinions for my colleagues, but I do not get involved in medical management.

Will I take referrals from nurses, nurse practitioners & dermal therapists?

Hell yeah. Without doubt you guys know your sh*t, the quality of your referrals are top notch. My team & I are here for you. Remember, we love difficult & challenging cases, not difficult & challenging patients.

I work closely with Laser Clinics Australia & many other aesthetic clinics, so, if you have a stuff up (we all do), or an adverse reaction, we will be more than happy to sort it out for you. Everyone makes mistakes, it only gets worrying if you continue to have stuff ups!

If you have complex cases, give me a buzz.

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