Jawline Fillers

Jawline Fillers, At A Glance

  • Best ResultsImmediate
  • Treatment RecoveryNil
  • Procedure Time30 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistDermatologist, Nurse Injector
  • Duration of Results2+ Years
  • AnaestheticNumbing in filler
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$$ to $$$

Jawline Fillers Definition

The jawline is often overlooked in facial aesthetics, however, it is one of the most important areas to address for balanced rejuvenation. Dermal fillers can strengthen and define the jawline. This has an impact on one’s side & oblique profile. Jawline definition can reduce jowls & marionette lines.

FactsFacts on jawline rejuvenation

  • The jawline is an integral part of balanced 3D facial rejuvenation
  • This is especially important if you have had other facial areas treated with fillers
  • Bone resorption is frequently seen in women in the late 30s-40s. This leads to weakened jawlines & jowls
  • Hyaluronic acid & collagen stimulating fillers can be used to strengthen this area
  • The jawline is my go-to area for male aesthetic injectables
  • Angles & definition can be addressed with simple, no downtime injectables

Why is Jawline Fillers Definition important?

The world views you from different angles, not just front on. Side profile- check! Oblique profile -check! Having balanced rejuvenation cannot be overstressed. The jawline area is especially important in men for the ‘angular’ and chiseled profile. In women, bone resorption in the 30s to 50s weakens the jawline area.  The jawline also has an impact on areas such as the jowls, marionette lines & chin.


What products do I use for jawline rejuvenation?

I employ many different types of fillers in this area, including Hyaluronic Acid fillers as well as collagen stimulating fillers such as Calcium Hydroxy Apatite & Poly- L – Lactic Acid. The type and amount of filler will depend on the clinical presentation.


When will I see results following dermal fillers?

Immediately. For hyaluronic acid fillers, the result is immediately noticeable after the procedure. The same applies to collagen stimulating fillers however the best results are seen 3-5 months after the procedure. The brand of the filler I employ most frequently in the jawline area is called Radiesse. This filler stimulates your own collagen over a period of three to four months & typically last longer than hyaluronic acid fillers. It also gives more volume & lift compared to HA fillers.

Fillers can make a dramatic difference to the lower 1/3 of the face, improving jawline contouring & skin laxity

How long do fillers last?

Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last 2-3 years in this area. Collagen stimulating fillers such as calcium hydroxyapatite or poly-L-lactic acid last 3-5+ years.

Don’t forget the jawline as it is integral to the side profile. It ties in the neck to the lower face.

Davin’s point of view; jawline rejuvenation

This area is gaining popularity over the years as other areas have been treated. Jawline rejuvenation accounts for 20% of my filler work, as most of my patients have had the classic areas treated (cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips).

Pan-facial rejuvenation is a 210degree viewing angle. This is how the world views you. Look beyond what you see front on in the mirror! This is probably the most important area for men to achieve the chiselled & angular look. I personally have 6 ml in my jawline (2016) & another 2ml in 2021. The angle of the mandible differs in males compared to females. For blokes we want between the gonial angle to lie around 90 to 95 degrees, whilst in females the angle is around 110 to 125 degrees. To put it bluntly, aesthetics in males should be ‘blocky’ whilst for females we want softer more obtuse transitions.


Larger volumes are required to treat the mandible-chin area; approximate volumes range from 3 to 7 ml of hyaluronic acid, and or 4.5- 7.5 ml of collagen stimulating filler. Most frequent I combine HA fillers with calcium hydroxyapatite fillers to obtain volume & structure.

Biggest tip I can give for men; invest in your jawline. It is key area of rejuvenation for males.

The jawline area ties in the jowls, marionettes & the chin. By displacing & contouring the jawline, it has a secondary effect on the jowls. By addressing one area we can have a profound effect on adjacent cosmetic units.

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