laser rejuvenation essentials

Laser Rejuvenation Essentials At A Glance

  • Best ResultsTreat all layers of the skin
  • Skin Texture ImprovementsLaser & Peels
  • InjectablesHyaluronic acid, collagen stimulating injections
  • Skin TighteningHIFU, RF, PDO vectors

What is the role of lasers?

Lasers are an integral part of skin rejuvenation. Their role is to-

  • Reduce pigmentation & sun damage by removing old skin cells. This allows for new cells to populate the skin’s surface. The result? Glowing, luminous & radiant skin.
  • Reduce fine, medium depth & deep lines & wrinkles in key areas such as around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, neck & decolletage. 
  • Remove imperfections such as acne & traumatic scarring.
  • Tighten lax skin on the face, neck & chest.

    If you have lines at rest, you will benefit from lasers.

What can’t lasers do?

Lasers cannot replace volume. Though it can generate collagen, in patients over the age of 40, volume supplementation may be required (for optimal balance). Collagen depletes at a rate of 1% per year, starting in your early 20s. Volume replacement is either with soft tissue fillers or fat transfer.52 2

What is the best laser to improve skin quality & texture?

Fractional lasers are employed to improve skin quality, luminosity & reduce fine lines & pigmentation. Cutis Dermatology Brisbane has a dozen different fractional lasers, ensuring that you will get the best results from the latest & most advanced systems available.

In summary-

  • Downtime: 2-6 days
  • Pain relief: Numbing cream
  • Cost: $890 to $1990
  • Number of sessions: 1-3
  • Best for: Fine lines, pigmentation, dull skin
  • Done by: Nurses
  • Examples: Fraxel, HALO, Clear & Brilliant, low power CO2, LaseMD, Hybrid laser

    Fractional lasers such as Fraxel can provide good tightening in mild cases of neck laxity.

What is the best laser to remove wrinkles?

Ablative lasers are used to correct deep wrinkles, severe sun damage & skin laxity. These lasers penetrate the deep dermal layer of skin & work by replacing old cells with new skin cells. The depth of ablative lasers can be controlled to 1/100 of a millimetre.

Cutis Dermatology has 6 CO2 & erbium resurfacing lasers as each device has unique properties that make them class leading.

I use many CO2 lasers as each excels in a particular setting. This means the best laser for the best results.

Correction of mild skin aging. In summary-

  • Downtime: 5-10+ days
  • Pain relief: Numbing, local & sedation
  • Cost: $1790 +++
  • Number of sessions: 1
  • Best for: Deep wrinkles, extensive sun damage, deep pigment, skin laxity
  • Done by: Dermatologist, senior nurses
  • Examples: eCO2, Hybrid, Ultrapulse, Mixto, CO2RE

    CO2 lasers can make a huge difference in only one session.

Davin’s viewpoint on lasers

Lasers are an essential part of skin rejuvenation. They work by targeting chromophores in the skin. They include melanin (pigment), haemoglobin (redness) & water (lines, wrinkles, pores & scars). Within each wavelength there are properties that make each laser system unique. That’s why we have over 40 laser & energy devices.

Hybrid lasers including 1570 & 1550 non-ablative lasers can treat deep stubborn melasma.

As a guide, more ‘intensity’ is required to rejuvenate aging skin. In this situation lasers are used to remove older, dull, & damaged skin cells, allowing new cells to repopulate the skin. New cells regenerate from the hair follicles. These cells are protected from UV & environmental damage. Conducted with care & precision, one can achieve over 20 years rejuvenation. 10-year flashbacks are for amateurs.

Lasers are useful in rejuvenating the eye area.

Limitations: lasers don’t provide a reproducible & predictable increase in volume. Dermal collagen in your late 40s is around 60-75% of what it was in your 20s. Though some collagen is regenerated (about 0.3 to 0.9 mm in total), the displacement in volume is not enough to replace age related volume loss of collagen & fat. This is where soft tissue fillers come in handy. Fillers can replace volume (Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra) or injectables such as Profhilo can stimulate collagen production. Profhilo is a new injectable. Even though it has hyaluronic acid as its main ingredient, it is very different in the rheology or properties. This injectable accelerates & amplifies collagen production.

Dermal fillers add VOLUME to volume depleted hands. I use several types of fillers depending on the amount of ageing.

Lasers & skin tightening skin tightening should be performed in all layers of the skin to be effective. Lasers tighten the upper part known as the papillary dermis. For superficial wavelengths that only affect the upper layer or epidermis (Fraxel, Frax Pro, LaseMD, Clear + Brilliant, Moxi), there is some collagen remodelling due to cytokine (growth factor) release & cellular cross talking. 

Deeper lasers such as CO2 & erbium penetrate to the lower dermis, namely the reticular dermis. This tightens both dermal layers. For the fibrosepal layer (one layer beneath the dermis), PDO vectored mono threads, RF, RF microneedling, collagen stimulating dermal fillers & HIFU are used. These treatments tighten the fat layer by increasing contractility of collagen in the network of fat.

Level 5 laser resurfacing removes wrinkles, pigment & sun damage. The two main lasers I use are the Erbium & CO2.
With conservative laser resurfacing my team & I can achieve safe, predictable & long lasting results.

The deepest layer of ‘skin’ is the SMAS. This layer is tightened by HIFU or Ultherapy as well as slow heat RF devices such as Tempsure, Pelleve or NuEra. I don’t use fast heat RF devices like Thermage anymore as results are not predictable. Combinations: depending on the clinical scenario we combine 2-4 different treatments in the one sitting. This gives much better results than monotherapy.

The high UV index in Brisbane predisposes to breakdown of collagen. If you have broken collagen, skin tightening devices are unlikely to work.


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