Mesotherapy; At A Glance

  • Best Results1-4 sessions
  • Treatment RecoveryQuick, 1-2 days
  • Procedure Time10 to 45 min
  • Skin SpecialistDermal therapist, nurse
  • Duration of ResultsWeeks to months
  • AnaestheticNil
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$-$$


Mesotherapy is a broad term used to describe delivery of active molecules including muscle relaxants, hyaluronic & retinoic acids into the deeper layers of skin. Think of mesotherapy as an espresso shot for your skin, namely a short term hit to improve hydration, luminosity & light reflectance.

FactsFacts on Mesotherapy

  • Mesotherapy is a low cost, low downtime skin rejuvenation procedure
  • This procedure is designed to infuse skin with actives including hyaluronic, retinoic, & ascorbic acid
  • Anti-wrinkle relaxants can also be used to reduce fine lines, pores as well as redness
  • Mesotherapy can be performed using Aquagold, microneedles, V2 Skin Boosters as well as Tixel resurfacing

What is mesotherapy?

The original reports of mesotherapy entail injections of various compounds including plant extracts, growth factors, skin vitamins & minerals into the deep dermal & fat layer. This method was first reported by the French. Over the past decade, the term mesotherapy has been broadened to include delivery of various molecules into the skin using an array of techniques, some have great scientific evidence, whilst others are pure bullshit. 

The original reports of mesotherapy were for the treatment of cellulite & fat. These treatments were noted to have a lack of scientific evidence & were largely ineffective. Since its inception, the term mesotherapy has been used to describe trans epidermal or dermal delivery of molecules through channels. These channels can be created using needles, microneedles, nanoneedles (v small needles) or non-laser thermo mechanical methods (heat).

What types of mesotherapy does the clinic provide?

My staff at Cutis offers three forms of mesotherapy. 

Aquagold microneedling mesotherapy. This novel procedure involves the use of a specialised delivery system known as Aquagold. This can deliver micro-doses of muscle relaxants known as microTox, PRP or even hyaluronic acid.

V2 Skin Boosters can help hydrate skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, & enlarged pores. This novel delivery system uses tiny microneedles to deliver hyaluronic acid just below the surface of the skin.

Tixel Mesotherapy uses a device that provides non-laser skin rejuvenation. This no downtime procedure is great for enlarged pores, textural changes, early scars, fine lines & wrinkles. We use Tixel to aid in delivery of hyaluronic acid, serums, retinoic acid, & even microTox.

Our dermal therapists & nurses will tailor a specific type of mesotherapy for your skin’s needs.

Do mesotherapy treatments actually work?

It depends on what is used. At Cutis we provide mesotherapy based upon proven clinical science, so we don’t fluff around with ingredients that do not work.

You will get the desired results If you view mesotherapy as a skin booster to improve skin quality instantly with little or no downtime. The best results are seen with neuromodulators, retinoic & hyaluronic acid delivered intradermally with either Aquagold, V2 Skin Booster or Tixel. 

Note: Mesotherapy is initiated by my clinical team. My work is focused on complex laser, surgical & injectable procedures.

How long do the results last for?

Not very long. Mesotherapy can give an instant improvement in skin quality, but the results rarely last more than 6-8 weeks. Think of it as a caffeine hit for your skin, improving skin health, radiance and glow. With hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, your skin receives instant hydration. 

With repeated treatments, you may get an increase in collagen, however this may take 3-6 months. My advice? Use mesotherapy as an instant skin booster, but plan for long term skin care using good products, augmented by procedures such as laser resurfacing & chemical peels.

Davin’s viewpoint on mesotherapy

Is this fluff or does mesotherapy actually work? It really depends on the ingredients you are using & the method of delivery. Sure, the promise of growth factors, fat melting, skin toning, cellulite reducing, wrinkle erasing, pore refining, anti-aging, pigment removing & long living infusions all add to the warm and fuzzy feeling of mesotherapy.

There are two points I would like to make regarding mesotherapy. Firstly, if you are after the feelgood factor of meso, coupled with facial massage, relaxing LED lights & a facial, knock yourself out. This therapy cannot be faulted for the self-satisfaction factor.

Secondly, if you after some quantifiable results, with little or no downtime, then my go to formulation or recipe is straightforward hyaluronic acid dermal filler & muscle relaxants delivered with either Aquagold microneedles & or nano-fractional Tixel. 

My thoughts? Given the expense of using good ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Botox & the delivery of Aquagold, the starting price of mesotherapy is upwards of 650 dollars. For this you could have some real injections & say a Clear & Brilliant laser. I know which one will produce more consistent results that last longer…Nevertheless, this procedure can give your skin the boost of hydration & vitamins in a short amount of time.

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