MiraDry At A Glance

  • Best Results2 treatments
  • Treatment Recovery2-3 days
  • Procedure Time120 min
  • Skin SpecialistDavin Lim
  • Duration of ResultsPermanent
  • AnaestheticLocal tumescent
  • Back to Work1-2 days
  • Cost$$


MiraDry is a treatment for excessive underarm sweating, also known as axillary hyperhidrosis. This treatment can reduce sweating by as much as 80% after 2 sessions.  A new model has been released for 2022 with a larger applicator size. This means more effective treatments compared to generation one devices from 2015.

FactsFacts on MiraDry for sweating

  • MiraDry uses microwave technology to destroy eccrine or sweat glands
  • MiraDry can permanently reduce sweating by up to 80%
  • It takes 1-2 days to recover from a treatment
  • Ideally two sessions are required
  • This treatment can only be used to treat excessive underarm sweating

How does MiraDry work?


MiraDry microwaves your sweat glands. There are many ways to destroy sweat glands. Non-selective destruction can be achieved with heat, radiofrequency, lasers, microwave energy as well as physical force such as liposuction.

Once destroyed, sweat glands do not grow back. The remaining sweat glands can, however, increase their output if required.

Which areas can MiraDry treat?

The underarms or axillary hyperhidrosis. This device uses vacuum suction to lift the skin, dermis, & subcutaneous tissue from the underlying tissue before microwave energy is delivered.

With the energy delivery it cannot treat sweaty hands / feet as there is too much collateral damage. If microwave energy hits nerves, as it frequently does in the underarm area, pain & weakness can occur.

Can MiraDry treat sweaty hands and feet?

No. miraDry has been developing new technology for hands & feet over the past few years. As of writing (2022), no device has been released for hands & feet, apart from iontophoresis.

Microwave technology cannot treat the hands & feet due to the presence of important nerves in these areas. MiraDry is developing a device for hands, however it may take 2-3 years before it is released.

How long is the recovery following MiraDry?

24 to 48 hours, depending on the settings. The higher the settings, the more effective the treatment. Conversely high settings are associated with longer recovery, more swelling & a higher incidence of nerve damage. The settings on this device range from Level 2 to Level 5. For level 5, expect swelling for over a week.

When does sweating stop?

Unlike anti-sweat injections, sweating does not turn off completely. You should notice a reduction in sweating within a week of treatment. The second session is usually 6-12 weeks after the first. 10-20% of cases require a third session.

The fundamental difference between MiraDry & anti-sweat injections is the rate of sweat flow. Think of underarm sweating as a tap. MiraDry turns the flow down, whilst Botox injections turn the tap off.

Davin’s Viewpoint on Miradry

Microwave treatment or miraDry can destroy the sweat glands and in doing so also reduces sweating. I was the first practitioner to employ this device in Australia having first seen this treatment in Asia in 2014.

The most important aspect of MiraDry is to pick the correct candidate. The ideal patient has a good buffer of axillary or underarm fat- this offers protection from the electromagnetic waves. Secondly, they should have very little emotional or stress induced sweating (as other sweat glands can compensate). Lastly, they should, have realistic expectations- Botox turns off the tap, often completely. MiraDry reduces the tap flow by 70-80%.

Surgery is less commonly used nowadays and usually reserved for the most extreme cases that do not respond to other treatments. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy literally cuts the nerves that supply areas of sweating. This is most useful for treating excessive underarm sweating & sweaty hands.

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