Natural and alternative ways of treating acne

Natural Acne Treatments At A Glance

  • Best Results1 month - Never
  • Treatment RecoveryNA
  • Procedure TimeNA
  • Skin SpecialistNA (Natropath)
  • Duration of ResultsYears +
  • AnaestheticNA
  • Back to WorkNA
  • Cost$

Natural and alternative ways of treating acne

There are many natural remedies that can help improve or even cure acne. Some of these treatments have been shown to be medically proven, such as the acne diet, whilst others such as tea tree oil & zinc tablets can help improve acne in some people. Dermatologists acknowledge that natural treatments may work. We endorse dietary changes as in some cases acne may improve. Try natural remedies before seeing a dermatologist.

FactsFacts on natural acne treatments

  • An acne free diet forms the foundation of natural acne remedies
  • Eating a healthy low GI diet, avoiding sugars and processed foods can help reduce acne lesions
  • Tea tree oil & witch hazel can be antibacterial,
  • Alpha Fruit Acids or AHAs can reduce blackheads & enlarged pores
  • Natural light therapy or phototherapy is useful in pregnancy
  • Zinc supplements can help with acne breakouts
  • Skin care vitamins include vitamin A, B, & C
  • AviClear is new laser due in 2023. It is a highly effective drug free way to cure acne

Can changing my diet help with acne?

Absolutely! Over the past few years it has been medically proven that diet can be associated with acne. Eating foods with a low Glycemic Index (GI) and avoiding processed foods & sugars may decrease your acne count. Note however that diet changes may not be successful in everyone with acne. Patients with hormonal mediated acne, genetic acne and severe acne can respond to diet.

Anti-acne diet may work in some cases.

Can Fruit Acid AHA peels help with my acne?

Yes, AHA or alpha hydroxy acid is a natural fruit acid found in citrus fruits and can be an excellent method of treating certain forms of acne, including white and black head acne. Natural chemical peels with AHA fruit acids exfoliate the upper layers of skin, unclogs pores and can kill bacteria associated with acne.

BHA peels can markedly reduce blackheads & acne in only 1-2 treatments.

Dermatologist use glycolic, lactic, citric & mandelic acids to decrease blackheads & enlarged pores.

Can zinc supplements and tea tree oil improve acne lesions?

In some cases of acne, taking a zinc supplement can help. Ask for zinc sulfate tablets from a health food shop and take as directed, some patients will notice an improvement within 8 weeks of therapy. In the UK, zinc is combined with medical therapy in the form of zinc & erythomycin cream- a highly effected method of killing bacteria associated with acne.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted for a native Australian tree. The most common concentration used is 5% gel, and is thought to be anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory. At best this can improve acne lesions by reducing bacteria count & drying out zits. Use with caution as skin irritation may occur, allergy to tea tree oil has been reported.

What is the most effective drug free solution to treat acne?

A new laser system called AviClear is due in Australia in 2023. It provides a highly effective non-pharmacological solution to treat all forms of acne- from mild to severe. 3 treatments one month apart can clear up to 85% of acne spots .

AviClear offers a drug free solution to treat all forms of acne.

Can witch hazel help reduce acne spots?

Yes, witch hazel can help some people with acne. If it works, it is one less person dermatologists will need to treat. Witch hazel can be bought online, the science is marginal, tea tree oil is another plant alternative.

Look for key ingredients such as BHA, niacinamide, retinol, retinaldehyde & ascorbic acid. Titrate your application carefully.

Davin’s viewpoint on natural acne remedies

Seeing a naturopath or dietician who has a special interest in treating acne is your first step. They can guide you through the pros of natural remedies. Google a natural skin care expert near you.

pIE acne scar teatment
Early & effective management of acne will markedly reduce the chances of long term acne scars.

If acne does not respond to natural remedies, an important step is to develop a simple but active skin care regime. Harsh toners and cleansers strip the skin’s natural oils and can irritate acne prone skin. Our team of therapists & nurses can guide you thru what medical products to use, make up tips & skin procedures to help sort out your acne. For more information, visit the skin care section on this website. Note: I do not give out skin care advice as my work is procedural. For skin care needs, seek an opinion from my clinical team.


Disclaimer: For natural treatments, please consult a NATUROPATH prior to visiting a dermatologist. Naturopaths & dieticians are trained in the natural management of acne. Dermatologists & our clinical team are trained in the science of prescribing lots of chemicals, peels, & lasers.

I do not provide acne treatments as this is medical therapy. If you would like to engage in natural treatments, this is encouraged. If therapy works it is one less patient that dermatologist need to treat.

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