Needle Subcision For Acne Scars

Needle Subcision for Acne Scars At A Glance

  • Best Results6-10 sessions (outdated)
  • Treatment Recovery5-10 days
  • Procedure Time10-40 min
  • Skin SpecialistNot performed as treatment outdated
  • Duration of ResultsLife
  • AnaestheticBlocks
  • Back to Work2-8 days
  • Cost$$$ Partial Medicare rebate in most cases

Needle Subcision For Acne Scars

Subcision can give good results. Needle subcision was first reported over 25 years ago using standard hypodermic needles. Over the past decade, needle subcision has been replaced with cannula dissection as cannulas offer greater efficiency & safety. This page discusses the history of hypodermic subcision as this procedure is outdated.

FactsFacts on Needle Subcision For Scars

  • This procedure was invented in 1995 by dermatologists in New York
  • Needle subcision was the very first form of subcision
  • This has been largely replaced with Nokor & blunt cannula methods
  • Historically 21, 23, 18 gauge needles have been used
  • This page is for historical context, as majority of revision specialist now use updated techniques

Why is needle subcision largely outdated?

Newer techniques offer much greater efficiency, efficacy & safety. Cannulas can cover 20 times the surface area at the same time. Additionally longer cannula means less entry holes, as well as increased safety & less side effects.

davin lim acne scars
Cases like these require adequate surgery to release scar tissue.

What is the history of needle subcision?

Two outstanding dermatologists from New York first published this method of acne scar revision in the mid 1990s. Since then, subcision has been used to treat many forms of scarring, including suture scars, traumatic scars, & even scarring secondary to abdominal surgery- liposuction.

Davin’s Viewpoint on Needle Subcision

Though outdated, hypodermic needles were the very first forms of surgical subcision invested by two dermatologists (brothers) from New York in 1995. Over the years, other forms of subcision were invented including Nokor, 18 G Goodman report, blunt cannula, hydrodissection technique, air dissectors, & many more.

The progress of medical research has led scar revision experts to continually evolve techniques over the years.

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