Phenol Croton Oil Peels

Phenol Croton Oil Peels At A Glance

  • Best Results2-4 months
  • Treatment Recovery14+ days
  • Procedure Time1 hour
  • Skin SpecialistDermatologist
  • Duration of Results3-10+ years
  • AnaestheticSedation
  • Back to Work2 weeks
  • Cost$$- $$$$

Phenol Croton Oil Peels

Deep chemical peels, including high strength TCA & phenol croton oil peels have had a resurgence in the past decade. Peels can treat wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage & acne scars. The type and concentration of the peel will depend on your clinical presentation, skin type and downtime.

FactsFacts on Phenol Peels - deep chemical peels

  • Phenol peels have been used in dermatology for over 4 decades
  • The most common type of deep peel is the phenol croton oil peel
  • This deep peel concentration is best for deep acne scars or very deep wrinkles
  • The concentration of the peel will depend on the dermatological condition
  • Downtime following deep peels ranges from 7 to 18 days

What conditions can be treated with phenol chemical peels?

Deep peels such as phenol and TCA are best reserved for deeper dermal conditions including deep acne scars, elastosis, sun damage and wrinkles. The clinical presentation will dictate both treatment and formulations.

How many sessions will I require for treatment of acne scars?

This depends on both the DEPTH of scars and one’s skin type. Majority of patients require 2-4 sessions over a period of 3-8 months. I do think that depth of scars play a more important role than skin type, as PIH is transient. The logic of using chemical peels in the treatment of acne scars is to raise the deepest scar up, prior to consideration of laser resurfacing (if required). The rate limiting scar is the deepest scar.

Does phenol peeling hurt?

Yes and no. If I am performing phenol croton oil spot peels, the answer is no. Numbing cream is used 60 minutes pre-procedure making this super comfortable. For larger areas of peeling, blocks & sedation is used.

If you are serious about removing your scars, book a consultation with my nurses.

What is the downtime following phenol chemical peels?

In the context of acne scar revision, the downtime following spot phenol & TCA peel is very similar- 5-8 days depending on the concentration, application and surface area. Post peel care is different depending on the peel, namely bismuth powder vs emollients. My team will guide you regarding post-op instructions. For females the use of Lycogel makeup on day 2 or longer can hide recovery ‘spots’.

In the context of TCA and phenol spot peels your skin will be ‘raw’, namely no epidermis for around a week. What you look like really depends on the EXTENT (how many scars I treat) and the surface area of each scar. Some patients may have 4-6 spots, whilst others will have over 300! It comes back to the appropriate acne scar type that you have.

acne scarring how to understand
Understanding your acne scar signature will determine the best treatment options.

Davin’s viewpoint on deep chemical peels | phenol-croton oil peels

Deep peels are still very relevant in the age of lasers and energy based devices such as HIFU and radiofrequency. Recent papers published in an American journal confirms the efficacy of phenol croton oil peels for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles. The rate limiting factor for these peels is the need for cardiac monitoring if large surface areas are treated; namely the face-neck area. For focal deep peels; such as in the management of acne scarring, cardiac monitoring is not required. Chemical peels are still relevant in the day & age of lasers.

This job was a mix of TCA & phenol, lasers & fillers used towards the end.

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