Pimple Patches

  • Best Results1-6 weeks
  • Treatment RecoveryNA
  • Procedure Time2 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistYou, with help from me
  • Duration of ResultsLong-term
  • AnaestheticNA
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$

Pimple Patches

Pimple or acne patches are simply one of the most effective ways to prevent acne scarring, especially if you are a habitual picker. They range in price from a few cents to a few dollars & can be found in supermarkets & chemists throughout the world. They are especially useful in treating hormonal acne, & picking acne.

FactsFacts on Pimple Patches

  • The simplest way to stop picking is to provide a barrier
  • Hydrocolloids (HC) are absorbable ultra-thin patches
  • HC absorbs fluid, including exudate & pus from pimples
  • HC also provides a sterile environment for optimal healing post acne
  • Patches can reduce transmission of UV light, reducing post inflammatory pigmentation
  • Microdart patches contain dissolvable microneedles that release chemicals
  • Chemicals can address concerns such as pigmentation & scars
  • Patches should be incorporated into your skincare routine especially if you suffer from intermittent acne breakouts

What are pimple patches?

Acne patches are ultra-thin dressings that are applied to pimples. Depending on the type of patch, they are suitable for the very earliest zit or to treat scarring & pigmentation from old pimples. Pimple patches can be classed as hydrocolloid patches or microdart – microneedle patches. More on these patches below.

The best way to stop picking & to heal acne lesions. Each patch is around 10 cents, bang for your buck – the best way to reduce life long scars.


Why do I endorse pimple patches?

Because they work. Patches, in particular hydrocolloid (HC) patches are the most effective way to prevent habitual picking. If you stop picking, you will markedly minimise the chances of acne scars.

HC patches also protect healing spots from UV light, reducing the chances of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

If you pick your skin, your chances of scarring is over 95%.

What are hydrocolloid patches?

Hydrocolloid or HC is a wound dressing that absorbs water due to the high cellulose content. This dressing is still one of the best for ulcers. HC technology has taken a huge step forward in the past decade as patches are super-thin, yet absorbable & tough due to the polyurethane coating.

HC patches absorb water, reduces TEWL trans epidermal water loss & provides a moist, occlusive environment for optimal wound healing. This means less scarring. These patches are very cost effective, ranging from 5 to 40 cents a patch. They markedly reduce the habits of acne excoriee or skin picking.

What are microdart microneedle patches?

This is a smart patch & differs from hydrocolloids by delivery of skin care actives directly into the epidermis. MicroDarts, as the name suggests, consists of microscopic dissolvable needles on the underside of the patch. These needles penetrate the skin’s outer barrier known as the stratum corneum.

Microneedles dissolve & deliver the active ingredients over 2 to 4 hours. Application of microdarts is painless as they only penetrate the outer most layer of skin, devoid of nerve cells.

What active ingredients do microdarts contain?

Microdarts hold a reservoir of chemicals, depending on the type of dart. These include-

  • Hyaluronic acid- for wrinkles, scars & collagen remodelling
  • Retinol- for anti-aging, pigment & scars
  • Arbutin- to reduce skin pigmentation secondary to acne
  • Ascorbic acid- to help with pigmentation & collagen remodelling
  • Peptides- for collagen
  • Green tea- antioxidants

What’s my view on microdart microneedling?

These sophisticated pimple patches are between 20 to 40 times more expensive compared to simple hydrocolloid dressings. They are manufactured in Korea using patented technology. The question is, are these darts more effective than simple skin care? There are no head-to-head studies showing the efficacy of dart vs topical creams, or better still, darts vs sensible depth DIY microneedling. With each dart costing up to $4-5 dollars, treating one pimple scar adds up to around $130 per month. You be the judge.

Davin’s viewpoint on acne patches

Often overlooked by dermatologists, patches are awesome. They are THE most cost-effective way of preventing acne scarring, especially in habitual pickers. Regular use can break the habit of skin picking as it provides a barrier & reminder not to pick.

HC or hydrocolloid has been used for decades as a hydrophilic wound dressing for suppurative ulcers. The cellulose ‘active’ coupled with a tough polyurethane backing makes it impervious to water & picking. The patch swells up as it absorbs excess fluid, including pus. They are typically changed 2-3 times a day. New tech has made these patches super small, thin, & comfortable to use.

Microdart patches can deliver a myriad of chemicals including vaccines (think Covid vaccine), hormones, diabetic meds, as well as cosmeceuticals including tranexamic acid, retinol, hyaluronic acids, citric, lactic, glycolic & salicylic acids. These super high-tech patches are made in Korea, with only a few companies in the World that are able to produce infinitely small darts. Over a period of 2-4 hours (or longer), the darts release their chemicals.


Patches can be combined with skin care, or as part of a proper medically prescribed acne treatment. They are readily available from all pharmacies & supermarkets. Get some, it will save your face. They are that good.

Disclaimer: I do not treat acne as my work is entirely procedural. Please see one of my colleagues at Cutis.

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