PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP, At A Glance

  • Best Results2-6 sessions, variable results
  • Treatment Recovery0-2 days
  • Procedure Time30 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistNurse, dermatologist
  • Duration of Results6-24+ months
  • AnaestheticNumbing
  • Back to Work0-2 days
  • Cost$$

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

We have known about the benefits of PRP for the past decade. PRP is harvested from your own blood cells (platelets). These cells are concentrated to give higher amounts of growth factors. The suspension is reapplied to areas of concern, including facial, & scalp tissue. This stimulates collagen production & growth of target tissue.

FactsFacts on Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP

  • PRP is a natural product derived from your own blood cells
  • PRP extracts your platelets & concentrates them 
  • Concentrated platelets have high levels of growth factors
  • Growth factors can help repair damaged skin
  • PRP can accelerate wound healing times
  • PRP is best combined with lasers, microneedling, & energy devices
  • This treatment can slow down hair loss
  • 2-6 treatments are performed over several months

What skin concerns can PRP address?

PRP has the potential to address the following conditions-

  • Reduction in wrinkles & lines such as crow’s feet, lip lines & smile lines
  • Improvement of under eye volume loss, skin laxity & dark circles
  • Loss of elasticity & sagging skin on the face & neck
  • Improvement in skin tone, complexion & texture
  • Rejuvenation of the neck & décolletage
  • Improvements in photoaged hands
  • Hair regeneration and regrowth
  • Skin tightening

What are the theoretical benefits of PRP?

PRP has many therapeutic claims, including skin rejuvenation & regeneration of collagen, reduction of wrinkles, better skin texture, reduction of uneven skin tone & pigmentation & even (believe it or not), increases in volume. 


The most predictable outcomes for PRP are actually not related to skin results, but hair loss. This treatment can be adjunctive for the management of hair loss in men and women. PRP injections are conducted every 8-12 weeks, for 2-4 sessions followed by a maintenance schedule every 14-20 weeks.


Does PRP work for acne scars?

Short answer- it can marginally improve healing times. That is it. In the context of giving additional results (as an add on procedure), results if any, are very marginal at best. 

I did use PRP in just about every single scar revision case I performed from 2015 to early 2017. I used it over the wounds of lasers, under the skin, injected with a needle, injected with a cannula, occluded it with a mask & used many different concentrations. The results? Slightly faster healing times following lasers or RF microneedling. No changes in volume. 

I do not routinely use PRP nowadays, just because other things work better, namely fillers. If you have done your own research, & would like me to try out PRP, let me know & this can be arranged.

Does PRP work for dark circles?

PRP is probably the most overhyped treatment for dark under eye circles. Yes, in some cases the initial results are promising, especially if microneedling is added to the recipe.

You see, with chronic inflammation of your under eye area with microtrauma your eyebags, skin laxity & dark circles may look temporarily better. This is due to swelling. Repeat this every month for 5 to 6 treatments (nice package deal you signed up to), and you may actually believe it works. Until the 6th week of your final session.

There are many better ways to treat dark circles. First start off with a diagnosis. For more on how I manage dark circles, explore this website.


Davin’s Viewpoint on PRP

Upsize your meal? That is my viewpoint on PRP, once again in the context of scar remodelling & skin treatments. It is a nice add on with a good patient satisfaction rate, however the (true) science is limited. I do believe the science is solid in the field of joint dysfunction, orthopaedics and rehabilitation medicine. There is some evidence that it can be an adjunctive treatment for both male and female androgenetic alopecia. 

For skin rejuvenation and scar remodelling, the evidence is very limited at best. There are small studies confirming that healing rates are slightly accelerated, with more studies showing good outcomes in the context of patient satisfaction rates. This meritorious award is granted and hence Clinic Cutis has 2 PRP devices. In my practice, I do not use PRP ( I was a very heavy user 5 to 6 years ago, prescribing PRP for just about all my laser & revision work).

In the context of skin rejuvenation & treating sunken (atrophic) acne scars, dermal fillers give far more predictability in the outcome. Having said this, if your research has sparked your interest in PRP, by all means ask me to add this to your treatment. We have 2 devices on stand-by on any given day.

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