Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care At A Glance

  • Best Results4-6 weeks
  • Treatment RecoveryNA
  • Procedure Time1-2 min daily
  • Skin SpecialistDermal therapist, nurse
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticNA
  • Back to WorkNA
  • Cost$

Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin Care is a common skin complaint. It can be due to many causes, including over-zealous product use, over-exfoliation, as well as using the wrong combination of products. Skin conditions like eczema & rosacea are frequently associated with sensitive skin. Using the correct product formulation & combinations will reduce skin sensitivity.

FactsFacts on Sensitive Skin Care

  • Incorrect skin care is one of the most frequent causes of skin sensitivity
  • Physical sunscreens are best tolerated
  • Initiate low irritant anti-inflammatory agents such as niacinamide & azelaic acid
  • Slowly add a good formulation of low strength retinol as tolerated
  • Ingredients including hyaluronic acid, green tea, resveratrol, ceramides, squalene, & shea butter are well tolerated
  • Be super careful adding ascorbic, ferulic, lactic & glycolic acids

What causes Sensitive Skin Care?

Skin sensitivity is really complex. It can be due to genetic factors including skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema, & rosacea. 

Sensitive skin can also be self-induced, the most common cause is using incorrect products, combining products, or harsh skin treatments. Overzealous use of skincare acids & exfoliation can frequently lead to sensitive skin.

What skincare ingredients & products are best for sensitive skin?

As a rule, products close to the skin’s natural pH are well tolerated, whilst low pH formulations of ascorbic, lactic, & glycolic can frequently irritate the skin.

Sensitive skin ingredients that are usually well tolerated include: hyaluronic acid, green tea, shea butter, ceramides, squalene, dimethicone, petrolatum, tocopherol (vitamin E), resveratrol, low concentrations of salicylic acid (less than 2%), and azelaic acid.

In the context of skin care vitamins & actives, start with a cosmetically elegant formulation of niacinamide 5-10% nightly. You can also initiate tocopherol or vitamin E, as this has a very low irritant potential.

What is a good anti-aging skincare routine for people with sensitive skin?

A safe and effective skincare routine that is well tolerated by over 90% of people with sensitive skin is-

AM: Simple wash, moisturizer, SPF 50+ Physical sunscreen

PM: Simple wash, tocopherol + niacinamide 10% nightly

What is a good sunscreen for sensitive skin?

Physical sunscreens or mineral sunscreens are better tolerated than chemical sunscreens. If you are unsure, try before you buy, namely apply a test patch of sunscreen to see if you react.

As a guide; look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Invisible Zinc is a good brand. Ego makes sunscreen for sensitive skin.

La Roche Posay & Melan 130 are hybrid sunscreens. They have a low irritant potential, however patch testing is sensible.

Davin’s Viewpoint on skincare for sensitive skin

Recent studies have shown that skin sensitivity has increased over the past decade. As it currently stands, up to 60% of people report ‘sensitive skin.’ The vast majority of these cases are iatrogenic – or self-induced. The most common cause of skin sensitivity includes overuse of products such as retinol, ascorbic acids & exfoliation. A simple, yet precise & well researched skincare routine, as outlined in this page can reduce or prevent skin irritation in the vast majority of patients.

Rosacea is probably the number one cause of true skin sensitivity. Please refer to the pages on this website for more information & a guide.

If you are struggling with skincare & skin sensitivities, consult one of my colleagues. They can guide you through washes, humectants & barrier repair, as well as skincare actives, & if required, initiate patch testing to confirm or exclude allergies.

Lasers can add another level of rosacea control. We use one of 5 vascular lasers to tailor treatments. Lasers provide gold standard skin rejuvenation whilst at the same time reducing inflammation secondary to sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: I do not treat sensitive skin as my work is procedural. I do employ the use of lasers to treat the signs of sensitive skin, namely to lase redness from conditions such as rosacea.

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