Skin Education

I teach basic through to advanced theory & practical subjects from dermal therapist all the way to senior dermatology consultants. You can find my work online, via social media & various scientific publications. If you are interested in skin (& possibly how I teach) you can find me via-

Meetings & webinars

I conduct regular talks at NSS, Allergan meetings, ASAPS, Cosmedicon & various other conferences in Australia.

I will also recommence the travel circuit covering Asia, Dubai, Canada & United Kingdom, hopefully in 2022 (after Australia’s indefinite lockdown from the rest of the World). If you would like to present at one of your meetings, please contact me

Company Meetings & Webinars

I am involved with several companies both nationally and internationally. I lecture up to four times a month. Companies I lecture for include-

  • Galderma: on acne & rosacea management.
  • Skinceuticals: on skin care & formulations.
  • Allergan: on fillers & injectables.
  • Laser companies include Lutronic, Candela, Cynosure & over a dozen others.

GP education webinars

I normally do 4-6 a year covering basic skin disorders & management. If you are interested in skin, follow me & I will keep you updated with upcoming events & lectures.

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