Spider Veins Treatment

Spider Veins At; A Glance

  • Best Results1-2+ sessions
  • Treatment Recovery1+ days
  • Procedure Time10 mins
  • Skin SpecialistNurse, Dermatologist
  • Duration of ResultsVariable to permanent
  • AnaestheticCooling spray/gel
  • Back to Work1 day
  • Cost$ (Medicare rebate for some cases)

Spider Veins

Spider veins & broken capillaries can be effectively treated by vascular lasers. We use lasers with cryogen sprays to ensure safety & comfortably erase unsightly spider veins on the face & body. Treatments take less than 10 minutes to perform. A partial Medicare rebate applies to some cases.  

FactsFacts On Spider Veins

  • Spider veins often occur on the cheeks and around the nose
  • Spider veins are best treated with vascular lasers as they target red blood vessels
  • Lasers are the most effective & safe method to erase spider veins
  • Veins on the lower legs are best treated by a vascular surgeon using sclerotherapy
  • Spider veins may occur in isolation, or can be associated with rosacea
  • Most cases can be treated by our trained nurses & therapist, however you can request treatment by a specialist dermatologist
  • A partial Medicare rebate applies to cases of severe, unsightly spider veins on the face

What is the best way to treat spider veins?

Vascular lasers provide the best option for treating spider veins & broken capillaries involving the face, whilst sclerotherapy injections are best for veins on the lower limbs. 

We employ special lasers for treating red skin lesions, namely ones with cryogen (gas) cooling. Cooling protects the skin enabling more effective & safer treatments. Laser work by transfer of laser heat to seal off the vessel walls, whilst protecting the upper layers of skin.

How successful are laser treatments?

In 70% of the time one session is required. More sessions are required if the vessels are larger (>1mm), blue in color & involve ‘high flow areas’ on the top or sides of the nose. In these cases 2-3 sessions are required. 5% of veins are resistant to laser, & hence may require treatment by a vascular surgeon using sclerotherapy. 

What is the recovery following laser treatment of nose & face veins?

You will experience some bruising for a few days in addition to swelling. Most cases can be covered up with tinted sunscreen or make up. Laser on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning & you will be right for work on a Monday. 

Will spider veins recur?

Despite many claims by clinics & laser companies, most veins will recur over a period of 1 to 10 years; yes it is variable. Most cases will have remission for many years. Recurrence is seen commonly in –

  • Patients with rosacea
  • Nose veins (high flow on the sides of noses, especially in men)
  • Spider veins on the chin (in both men and women)

What types of lasers do I use to treat spider veins on the face?

We use vascular lasers from Lutronic, Cutera & Candela. These are purpose built lasers that deliver a cooling spray prior to laser light (long wavelength 1064). This enables safe & effective energy levels to the veins.

Our clinic also has back up lasers that are outdated (Sciton 1064, V Beam Prima, 755 Alex lasers).

Davin’s Viewpoint on treating spider veins & broken capillaries

With today’s technology, spider veins are easily treated with lasers. Newer generation lasers such as the VBeam & DermaV lasers use gas cooling. This means super-comfortable treatment, fast lasing times, quick recovery, more effective treatments, & less side effects. Today’s systems have built in fire & forget mechanisms. For deeper vessels we use the long pulse Nd Yag 1064 lasers, whilst more superficial lasers include the 532 and 585-95 wavelengths. IPL or BBL can be used, however lasers are more effective. 

Though on-label applications exist for the treatment of vessels on the lower legs, sclerotherapy often gives far better, more predictable outcomes.

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