Expressions of Interest SYDNEY

Fee structure

Consultation: $340


Follow up: $220


Virtual consultation: $490


Injectables fillers: from $1190 per ml. 

Anti-wrinkle injections: From $20 per unit.


Injectables, collagen stimulating: $980- $1490 per syringe


Acne scar treatments: $990- $4,790


*Medicare rebate in some cases.


Rosacea treatment: $390-$690 per laser session


*Medicare rebate in some cases.


Light laser resurfacing: $1290 per session

Medium laser resurfacing: From $1990 per session

Heavy/ fully ablative lasers: $8,990-$12,990
*Medicare rebate in some cases.


Melasma treatments: From $590 per session


Ethnic skin rejuvenation/pico laser resurfacing: $590-$1490

Steroid injections: $250-$470

Pico laser: $390 to $1490

Fraxel/Fractional laser: From $890 per session

HIFU: From $990-$3290

RF microneedling: From $990 

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