Upper Lip Surgical Lift

Upper Lip Surgical Lift, At A Glance

  • Best ResultsOne session
  • Treatment Recovery7-9 days
  • Procedure Time60 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistDermatologist, Davin Lim
  • Duration of ResultsYears+++
  • AnaestheticBlocks & sedation
  • Back to Work7 days
  • Cost$$$

FactsFacts on Upper Lip Surgical Lift

  • A surgical lip lift is most often performed in patients who have a long lip to nasal spine ratio
  • With age there is a downward descent of the lip, coupled with lip inversion
  • Lip inversion is a term used to describe the hidden red border of the lips
  • Surgical lip lifting can complement lip dermal fillers

Who would benefit from a surgical lip lift?

Lip lift surgery is most appropriate for patients who have teeth that can appear hidden by a lengthened or sagging upper lip area – or also known as an ‘elongated philtrum’.

This can be due to genetics, but most often associated with chronological skin aging. In this context surgery is the most sensible option to reduce the height between the upper lip & the base of the nose. A surgical lip lift can evert the upper lip & provide better proportions in the perioral area.

What is a surgical lip lift?

A lip lift involves making a small wavy incision across the base of the nose, extending to the alar (sides of the nose). I then remove 2-7 millimetres of skin from the top lip.

The next step is to lift the entire upper lip, suturing the new margin to the base of the nose with both internal dissolving and external sutures. Lip lift surgery will –

  1. Evert the pink margin of the upper lip with an aim of showing 2-3 millimetres of teeth
  2. Reduce the height of the upper lip
  3. Provide better balance of the perioral area
  4. Allows placement of dermal filler in areas to provide more eversion of the lips

What does surgery involve?

This procedure is conducted under mild sedation in our operating theatre at Cutis Medical. A sedative is administered either orally or IV an hour before the procedure.

  1. Blocks are administered to the upper lip & the base of the nose
  2. A surgical incision is performed removing a precise amount of upper lip skin
  3. Internal sutures are placed to elevate the upper lip
  4. External sutures evert the skin
  5. In most cases fractional deep CO2 laser is applied to the upper lip, further contracting collagen & reducing lines & wrinkles
  6. The procedure takes approximately 60 minutes to perform

How long will I need off work?

7-8 days. The external sutures are removed at day 5-6. Swelling typically improves after the second week. If you are having laser resurfacing at the same time of surgery, it can take 7+ days to heal.

I will give you an accurate understanding of your recovery time.

Davin’s Viewpoint on Surgical Lip Lifting

This procedure is the standout procedure for the aging lip. Not everyone requires surgical intervention. People with a genetically short nasal base/spine to upper lip ratio may compensate over time to have a perfect ratio in the 50s/60s. Conversely those with a genetically ‘long’ upper lip/philtrium may benefit from a ratio correction earlier.

Lip lifting does so much more than correct the ratio of the upper lip to nose. This procedure can evert the upper lip. This can give much needed show of the teeth at rest.

For the correct lip, a lift can be adjunctive to lip dermal fillers.

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