DVA Skin Checks

  • Best ResultsVariable
  • Treatment Recovery2-6 days
  • Procedure TimeVariable
  • Skin SpecialistDr Davin Lim
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticVariable
  • Back to WorkVariable
  • CostNil

DVA Skin Checks

I do see veterans for dermatological conditions, including skin checks & management of skin cancer. DVA patients who hold a Gold Card, or a White Card for Skin are entitled to the latest treatments for skin cancer & pre-cancer treatments. I also do medico legal work for DVA.

FactsFacts on DVA Skin Checks

  • Veterans have a much higher incidence of skin cancers
  • The most common skin cancers include basal, squamous cell & Bowen disease
  • Certain forms of skin cancers including SCCs & Bowen can be prevented
  • Photodynamic therapy or PDT can reduce solar keratosis & prevent cancer
  • Treatments are covered under DVA
  • Lasers for redness & rosacea are also covered under DVA

What skin conditions are covered by DVA?

DVA Skin Checks

Providing you have either a Gold Card or White Card that covers skin, skin conditions are covered under DVA- Veteran Affairs. Conditions include-

  • Sun damage – actinic keratosis, solar keratosis, & sunspots
  • Skin cancer – treatment and prevention of Bowen’s, IECs and BCCs
  • Scarring from acne, trauma, or skin cancer surgery
  • Rosacea & rhinophyma
  • Broken capillaries, facial veins
  • DVA Skin Checks
  • Birthmarks
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes

Why are skin checks important for veterans?

Veterans have a much higher chance of developing skin cancers due to their chronic sun exposure during service. The risk factors depend on your skin type (fair patients are more susceptible), your genetics & importantly your previous occupation in the military.

How do you know if you are covered for skin cancer treatments under DVA?

Your DVA advocate would have informed you of your entitlements. A DVA Gold Card covers for most conditions, including skin related issues. A White Card will only cover for conditions that are on that card– check to see if ‘skin conditions’ are covered.

If skin conditions are covered, you will be entitled to a cover of skin conditions listed. For example, sun damage, skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, & rashes. Treatments covered include fully ablative lasers, rhinophyma treatment, pulse dye laser treatment for broken veins as well as PDT or photodynamic therapy. These high-end treatments can only be provided by specialist & not skin cancer GPs

What skin conditions are not covered by DVA?

Cosmetic treatments including wrinkles, enlarged pores, & melasma pigmentation. If in doubt, check with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

What types of sunspot treatments are covered by DVA?

All treatments including PDT, surgery and laser are covered by DVA. Additionally transport to and from the clinic is provided by DVA. Our staff are all well versed in the necessary paperwork to get you there and back with minimal paperwork (we do all the paperwork for you, including arranging transport to and from home).

Davin’s Viewpoint on DVA skin checks & entitlements

I started my dermatology training under Lt Col Rob Rosen and Commander Peter Hoare in Sydney.

I was also the Consultant Dermatologist for the F 111 Reseal Deseal investigation under the Veteran’s act and provided over 90 legal reports. I am also called upon for more complex medico legal work pertaining to DVA claims.

I keep my skin cancer skills up to date, but only extend this to DVA card holders. I perform DVA skin checks, skin cancer surgery, but also laser and PDT to DVA patients. The majority of DVA patients are unaware that they are entitled to high level cover by dermatologists, including top cover using the very latest in laser and light technology. This includes the treatment of broken capillaries / blood vessels, sunspots & skin cancer prevention. These are all medical conditions that are treated by dermatologists using the latest technology.

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