Underarm Sweating

Underarm Sweating

  • Best Results8 days
  • Treatment Recovery0-8 days
  • Procedure TimeVariable
  • Skin SpecialistDavin Lim
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticVariable
  • Back to Work0-8 days
  • Cost$-$$ Medicare

Underarm Sweating

Sweaty underarms or axillary sweating is one of the most common areas of hyperhidrosis. This condition affects 2-3% of the population. It has significant emotional, social & professional aspects of a patient’s life. Highly effective treatments can be covered by Medicare & cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

FactsFacts On Axillary Hyperhidrosis / Underarm Sweating

  • Axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating is a common condition
  • Severe sweaters are intolerant to clinical strength antiperspirants
  • Anti-sweat injection is a proven treatment for severe underarm sweating
  • Injections by a dermatologist cost less than cosmetic clinics
  • Treatments are subsided by Medicare
  • Anti-sweat injections can stop sweaty armpits for up to 6-7 months

What is the definitive treatment for Underarm Sweating?

Anti-sweat injections STOPS sweating within 7-10 days. They work in over 96% of cases.

In Australia you are entitled to up to 3 injections per year, subsidised under Medicare. The sweat stopping treatments procedure takes only 2 minutes to perform.

You will start to notice a reduction in sweating within a week or two, and this sweat reduction will last up to 6-8 months.

A referral from your GP is not required to claim the rebate.

How do you know if sweating impacts your life?

Underarm sweating is a common condition; however, the severity will be different for each person. When underarm sweating gets in the way of your personal and work life, the condition does have a significant impact for you!

Ask yourself the following questions to gauge the impact of underarm sweating:

Are you worried that people notice your sweat stains and patches?

Are you worried to raise your arms because of sweat patches and stains?

Does underarm sweating limit your choice of clothes?

Do you usually wear only black or white colours?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, underarm sweating does have an impact on your life, and yes, we can help!

What is the cause of excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating is a common condition that is not well managed in our community. No one really talks about it; however, it affects 2-3% of the population. In some races, sweating excessively is seen in 5% of the population.

Hyperhidrosis can affect many areas of the body including the hands, feet, face – scalp and commonly the underarms. Most cases of underarm sweating are primary and idiopathic. The cause is unknown, but in many cases patients who suffer from sweaty armpits will have a family member with a sweat disorder. The underarm area or axillary vault, like your hands, feet and face, contain a large number of sweat glands (eccrine units), these areas are primarily involved in hyperhidrosis.

How do we quantify sweat severity?

Severe axillary or armpit sweating is a medical condition that involves overactive eccrine or sweat glands. A simple set of questions can gauge the impact of this condition on your life.

Examination of the underarms can provide the most useful clue to the severity of your sweating. Most patients will have beads of sweat on the underarm skin. In severe cases, sweat flows freely.

An accurate way to measure the area of maximal sweating is called the starch iodine test. This test is not routinely performed; however it is a simple and accurate method of ‘mapping out’ your maximal sweat areas. Other techniques include blotting paper.

Davin’s Viewpoint on Treating Underarm Sweating

Axillary hyperhidrosis is a very common condition, affecting over 2% of the population. A family history is present in 25% of cases. Like most cases of excessive sweating, it ranges from mild to very severe. The impact of underarm sweating can be assessed by asking only a few very basic questions- does sweating limit what you wear? Are you apprehensive to raise your hands due to sweat patches? Are you embarrassed if people notice your sweat patches?  If the answer is yes, then you should treat your condition.

For patients who have mild sweating, a clinical grade antiperspirant is the first step. For patients who suffer from moderate to severe underarm sweating, this will create skin irritation in most patients. Since the withdrawal of Driclor for the Australian market, look for 10-20% aluminium chloride hexahydrate. Apply as directed.

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