Radiofrequency For Excessive Sweating

  • Best ResultsVariable
  • Treatment Recovery0-7 days
  • Procedure Time5 to 30 mins
  • Skin SpecialistDermatologist
  • Duration of ResultsCan be permanent
  • AnaestheticBlocks
  • Back to Work0-6 days
  • Cost$$-$$$

Radiofrequency For Excessive Sweating

Radiofrequency or RF is a method of thermal destruction of eccrine or sweat glands. Other non-selective methods include microwave technology, called miraDry, as well as long pulse lasers. Once destroyed, sweat glands do not grow back. RF can reduce sweating by up to 85%.

FactsFacts on Radiofrequency Ablation for Excessive Sweating

  • RF is a treatment for excessive underarm sweating
  • RF non-selectively destroys sweat glands in the hypodermis
  • Energy in the form of heat is delivered to the area with a probe or insulated needles
  • This procedure is done with local numbing agents, coolers & mild sedation
  • Long term results can be expected in the majority of cases
  • Sweat reduction is permanent

How does RF or radiofrequency treat sweating?

RF works by superheating the dermis & hypodermis. Temperatures of 67 to 69 degrees are delivered over half a second. The heat non-selectively destroys the eccrine or sweat glands. Once destroyed, sweat glands do not grow back.

What forms of excessive sweating can be treated with RF or radiofrequency?

As of 2022, the only safe area is the axilla or armpit. Hence only patients who suffer from excessive underarm sweating can be treated with RF. This is because the energy is delivered in the hypodermal layer of skin. The same applies to all other energy devices including Miradry & lasers (as well as liposuction of sweat glands).

RF energy is non-specific, hence the underlying nerves in the hands & feet can be accidentally ablated giving neuropraxia & neuralgia.

What types of RF - radiofrequency are there for sweating?

I use one of two types. Firstly simple RF microneedling(RFM), preferably with insulated needles. This includes the Genius RF (updated Infini RF) & the Morpheus 8. RFM delivers a pulse of energy to a predetermined level. This energy pulse non-selectively ablates the eccrine sweat glands through heating. Each pulse of RF delivers approximately 30-60 insulated needles beneath the skin.


Probe RF is known as Facetite. This minimally invasive treatment provides RF in a horizontal plane, as compared to RFM which is delivered vertically. This form of RF is often combined with liposuction of the eccrine glands. A skin cooling device is used on the external surface of the skin as it protects the upper dermal & epidermal layers.

How effective is RF for sweating?

Studies have shown it markedly reduces sweating in up to 85% of patients. As a reference, miraDry’s success rate is around 70-80%. Botox is still the highest at 96%

I do believe that providing controlled heating gives a better outcome compared to straight forward eccrine gland liposuction.

Davin’s Viewpoint: RF for excessive sweating

This procedure is a novel treatment for excessive underarm sweating. There are many variations of delivering RF energy including stand-alone RFM using vertical insulated needles. Devices include Infini RF, Genius RFM, Morpheus 8 & many others such as Secret, Intracel, Intensif, Scarlet, Vivace. This procedure as stated is novel. The results depend on the settings. For lower powered non-insulated devices, super-pulsing can give good results. For over-powered insulated devices, results are better, albeit higher risks.

For permanent sweat reduction, I often combine liposuction of the eccrine glands with RFM in the one setting. This can give good results in over 85% of patients. It compares favourably with miraDry, with less side effects & downtime.

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