Ultraformer MPT

Ultraformer MPT

The Ultraformer MPT or version 4 replaces the old Ultraformer 3. This device provides skin tightening & lifting by treating the deeper layers of skin using the very latest ultrasound technology.

FactsUltraformer MPT

  • This device is the latest HIFU for 2024, replacing Ultherapy & Ultraformer 3
  • Ultraformer MPT provides skin tightening of the face, neck & decolletage 
  • Treatments are more comfortable than the previous models
  • Treatment are nearly 3 times faster than Ultherapy 
  • Results are more predictable with this latest technology
  • We offer this treatment in Sydney

What can Ultraformer MPT do for your skin?

Ultraformer MPT Version 4 is the very latest ultrasound technology designed to lift & contour the face & neck. It provides non-surgical skin tightening to help reduce skin laxity & wrinkles. ultraformer mpt

Who is a candidate for Ultraformer treatment?

Selecting the correct patient is paramount for results. Candidates for Ultraformer include-

  • Mild to mild-moderate skin laxity
  • Moderate thickness dermis & subcutaneous fat layer
  • Mild to moderate jowls & lower face laxity
  • Little to no sun damage 

Note: Ultraformer MPT Version 4 is only offered in Sydney. Contact the clinic for an appointment. 

Who are not suitable candidates for Ultraformer or HIFU treatment?

This is what marketing doesn’t tell you. Only 50-70% of candidates are suitable for Ultraformer – Ultherapy treatment. Unsuitable candidates include-

  • Patients with thin skin (dermis, fat layer or both)
  • Patients with super heavy skin (really thick fat layer)
  • Those with excessive sun damage; repair collagen before trying to contract it
  • Those with moderate to severe skin laxity (surgery gives the most predictable results) 
  • Patients with low facial volume

With careful assessment, my team in Brisbane & Sydney can provide you with the best possible treatments to ensure you meet your goals. 

What is our most frequent application for Ultraformer?

Facial contouring of the superficial jowl pads as well as the nasolabial fat pads, followed by jawline contouring. We use Ultraformer to destroy unwanted fat in key areas such as the jowls, nasolabial folds & under the chin.

Nasolabial fold treatment

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