Mature Skin

Mature Skin Treatments At A Glance

  • Best Results1-4 sessions
  • Treatment RecoveryVariable
  • Procedure Time15 to 90 min
  • Skin SpecialistDavin & team
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticNumbing- sedation
  • Back to WorkVariable
  • Cost$-$$$$

Mature Skin

Time, coupled with the Queensland sun can accelerate skin aging. There are effective treatments to slow down, & reverse skin aging. The use of lasers, peels, collagen stimulating fillers, skin tightening devices & clinical skin care, can reduce aging by as much as two decades.

FactsFacts on Treating Mature Skin

  • Collagen & fat start to decline in the third decade of life
  • Skin has a one percent decrease of collagen annually
  • Laser resurfacing can improve skin quality, reducing pigmentation & wrinkles
  • Lasers can also reverse sun damage & pre-cancerous cells
  • Skin tightening can be achieved with ultrasound & radiofrequency
  • Volume can be addressed with dermal fillers & fat transfer
  • A well-researched skin care routine can slow down skin aging
  • Skin care can prolong the results you get from procedures
  • The upper & mid layers of skin thin with age

Mature Skin

Balance is the keyword. Apply this principle to all ages, including mature skin. A simple 4 step plan is as follows-

Step 1. Improve skin quality. Lasers & chemical peels can improve skin texture, and reduce pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles.

Step 2. Improve skin tone & turgor. This refers to skin tightening procedures including HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), RF, as well as collagen stimulating fillers.

Step 3. Improve volume & support ligaments. This is achieved by strategic dermal fillers.

Step 4. Maintain results. Good skin care, coupled with low cost- low downtime clinical procedure including chemical peels & fractional lasers can slow down the ageing process.

What are ways to slow down the aging process?

Start with good skin care & lifestyle choices. Skin care includes sun protection, antioxidants & vitamins including ascorbic acid, retinol & niacinamide. Add skin acids to exfoliate every week. Preventive anti-aging procedures include-

Laser resurfacing. Simple fractional lasers for lighter skin types, and pico lasers for darker skin patients. We use one of 30 devices to help stimulate collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid.

Chemical peels include retinoic acid & AHA peels. Peels can address sun damage, dull skin, pigmentation, enlarged pores, and congested skin.

Injectables such as dermal fillers & anti-wrinkle injections can reduce wrinkles & provide dermal hydration, whilst reducing volume loss.

The ideal combination of injectables, peels, lasers & skin care really depends on your age, skin’s clinical condition, ethnicity & aims. Book an obligation-free consultation with my nursing staff @cliniccutis to see what is best for your skin.

What about eye rejuvenation in mature patients?

Addressing skin quality, wrinkles & volume can make a huge difference in perceived age. Procedures include-

  • Laser rejuvenation with CO2, erbium & fractional lasers
  • Skin tightening with HIFU, RF, Thermage
  • Anti-wrinkle injections to the crow’s feet
  • Brow repositioning with dermal fillers
  • Volume replacement of the orbital rim & tear troughs

A good skincare routine with ascorbic acid, retinol & pigment correctors can complement the gains from laser & injectable procedures. 

Do duck lips look good in mature patients?

Duck lips don’t look good on any age group, however, disproportionately enhanced lips on mature patients are even worse! Perioral & lip rejuvenation in this age group is based upon supporting this region. 

Dermal fillers are placed around the lip area, especially around the corners of the mouth. This allows for some lip eversion. Struts of filler in the upper lip area can reduce lip wrinkles & smoker’s lines.

Davin’s Viewpoint, treating mature skin

Treatment of mature skin requires the skill sets of lasers, peels, dermal filling (& injectables) as well surgery. Contrary to Google Ads targeting Brisbane, a laser dermatologist is not the optimal way to address skin quality, tone & volume changes.

Let’s break things down for a logical step by step & analytical approach to skin aging.

Firstly addressing skin quality. This includes sun damage, pre-cancer spots, wrinkles, & pigmentation. This is where lasers are useful. There is a specific laser wavelength for every condition & skin colour. Within the same wavelength, there are many different ways to deliver the energy. Variables such as spot size, pulse width, pulse distance, pulse duration, power & technique can deliver vast outcomes. The two most common fractional lasers used by myself & my nursing team are the 1927 thulium lasers (Fraxel, LaseMD) & CO2 lasers. These lasers can address skin quality. The majority of patients in the 30s to 50s will benefit from fractional devices without the requirement to go fully ablative.

For epic wrinkles & sun damage, the use of fully ablative lasers are useful. My go to  CO2 laser is the Ultrapulse. This method of skin rejuvenation gives spectacular results, albeit a downtime of 7 to 14 days.


Skin laxity can be treated on the same day with skin tightening devices. Tightening can be achieved via HIFU or microfocused ultrasound, using devices such as Ultherapy or RF devices such as Thermage, Tempsure, Pelleve or FaceTite. Volume replacement is important to address. We lose 1% of collagen annually from age 25. True fact. With age, the supporting ligaments & fibroseptal network weakens, this coupled with fat & collagen loss means deflation & downward movement of fat pads. This is why dermal fillers are an essential element of skin rejuvenation. I employ both collagen stimulation fillers as well as traditional hyaluronic acid fillers. Fat grafting can also be useful in patients who are severely volume depleted. The downside about fat grafting is the unpredictability of the end result as there are highly variable absorption rates.

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