Vascular Lasers For Redness

Vascular Laser Treatments, At A Glance

  • Best Results1-4 treatments
  • Treatment Recovery0-3 days
  • Procedure Time5 min
  • Skin SpecialistDermal therapist, nurse, dermatologist
  • Duration of ResultsMonths to years
  • AnaestheticLaser cooling
  • Back to WorkImmediately-2 days
  • Cost$-$$ Medicare rebate in cases

Vascular Lasers For Redness

Rosacea, redness, broken capillaries as well as flushing and blushing are common medical conditions. Vascular lasers can also treat stretch marks & birthmarks. Using the latest in laser technology, treatments are much less painful than IPL, are quicker and more effective. Most conditions also carry a Medicare rebate.

FactsFacts on vascular laser treatments

  • I use 4 different vascular lasers to address red conditions
  • Each laser has a specific wavelength to address different conditions
  • These lasers can safely and effectively treat broken capillaries, flushing & blushing, rosacea as well as birthmarks
  • Treatments take 1 to 3 minutes to perform
  • Vascular laser can also be very effective in the treatment of early red-purple stretch marks
  • A special system called DCD or Dynamic Cooling Device protects the skin, but also markedly reduces pain
  • Different vascular lasers are used according to the depth & diameter of the blood vessels

What conditions can be treated with vascular lasers?

Skin conditions due to blood vessel damage are best treated with vascular lasers. Lasers targets the blood within the vessels, and passes the heat to the vessel wall, effectively ‘sealing them off.’

Skin conditions I can effectively treat using our vascular lasers include-

  • Broken capillaries found on the nose, cheeks and chin
  • Red spots and dots including spider naevi and Campbell de Morgan spots
  • Flushing and blushing as well as general redness (using our Paint Mode system)
  • Stretch marks – especially early pink to red/ purple ones (early stretch marks)
  • Birthmarks and venous lakes on the lips

Does the treatment hurt?

Vascular laser treatment is well tolerated. It feels like a rubber band flicking on your skin. Using Syneron Candella’s unique DCD or Dynamic Cooling Device, a stream of cool air is delivered to the treatment area a fraction of a second before the laser pulse- this results in-

  1. Less pain
  2. Protection of the upper layers of the skin

No local numbing cream is needed for vascular laser. This treatment is more comfortable than IPL and hurts less than laser hair removal.

Are all lasers the same?

No. Cutis has the very latest Syneron Prima Vascular laser. Why is this the standout laser compared to the previous generation of vascular lasers? The answer lies in the spot size. A larger functional spot size means faster treatments. This means less pain. More importantly, a larger spot size means the laser beam’s focal or convergent point is deeper. This means more effective treatments.

We have updated our lasers based upon efficacy & patient comfort levels.

How long does it take to treat broken blood vessels and red faces?

Treatments can be as quick as one second for spider veins or several minutes to treat conditions such as rosacea / flushing and blushing and large birth marks.

In general, the larger the area, the longer the treatment. Broken capillaries and blood vessels take 2-3 minutes to treat.

Davin’s viewpoint on vascular lasers

Redness, rosacea, flushing & blushing, Port Wine Stains and red dots (called Campbell de Morgan spots, and spider naevi) can all be treated with IPL or with laser. I use both, but for pure ‘red conditions’ treatment, I find that lasers are generally better and hurt less than IPL. IPL is great as a ‘general treatment’ for conditions such as sun damage, freckles, and brown marks.

My favoured vascular laser is the Prima with a bigger spot size than the V Beam Perfecta. For laser genesis work I use both the Prima & the Splendor X.

I do think that dynamic cooling with the cryogen spray is far better at alleviating pain associated with vascular lasers & offer an extra layer of safety compared to gel based or air-based cooling.

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