Skin Rejuvenation

What skin care products should I use?

My approach to skincare is based upon science. This includes my skincare line. In summary-

Protect with sunscreen. The second line of defence is with antioxidants.

Supplement with vitamins, namely retinol, niacinamide & ascorbic acid.

Correct with specifics including pigment correctors, azelaic acid & other topicals.

Exfoliate with AHAs & BHAs.

My dermal therapists & nursing team will discuss an optimal skin care routine based upon your skin type, age & concerns.

Good brand include Obagi, Skinceuticals, La Roche Posay, Aspect Dr, & more.

Do I offer a skincare consultation?

No. My work is procedural, namely I cut, inject, lase, & perform deep peels.

My nurses & therapists will provide a comprehensive & complementary skincare consultation. They can advise you on the correct ingredients & application techniques.

For more complex conditions such as sensitive skin, a medical dermatologist may be able to assist. In some cases, tests such as patch testing may be conducted to confirm or exclude potential allergens.

What is my skin rejuvenation ethos?

Balance for natural results. Essentially balance means addressing all three factors of skin ageing, improving skin texture or quality (lasers & chemical peels), improving skin tone (surgical & tightening) as well as volume loss (fillers & fat transfer).

For a natural outcome, it is not just laser resurfacing, nor injectables, it’s about addressing all three factors to give the best results.

What is my sub-speciality focus?

My focus is primarily facial. 95% of my procedural list is based on surgical, injectable, laser, peel, thread, & energy devices for facial & neck areas. This includes managing scarring, rejuvenation, sun damage & aesthetics.

My job? I cut, lase, inject & do crazy peels.

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