Microcurrent face tightening, firming & lifting

Microcurrent At A Glance

  • Best ResultsContinued use
  • Treatment Recovery0 Days
  • Procedure TimeLess than 10 minutes
  • Skin SpecialistYou (DIY/home use)
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticNot required
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$

Microcurrent skin tightening

Microcurrent devices such as the Foreo Bear, NuFACE & Ziip Beauty are prevalent in the home use device space. These handheld devices are claimed to assist in skin firming, tightening & lifting devices may have a role in skin care, especially if combined with a clinical skin care routine & in-clinic treatments such as radiofrequency, lasers & HIFU. Read more to understand the true value of microcurrent, including patient profiling to see who will likely benefit. 

FactsFacts on NuFace, Foreo Bear, Ziip Beauty & microcurrent devices

  • Microcurrent home use devices can be useful for skin rejuvenation
  • They work by stimulating muscles of the face & neck
  • Microcurrent also improves blood flow of the skin
  • Devices like the Foreo Bear, Ziip Beauty & NuFace claim to increase collagen
  • In suitable candidates they provide a subjective increase in skin firmness
  • Skin tightening & objective lifting is seen in less than 5% of users
  • Devices range between $300 to $550

What are the real benefits of microcurrent devices?

Regardless of brands, the true value of these devices is to provide a ‘feel good’ factor for subjectively firmer skin. Some users will experience ‘tighter’ skin, whilst a minority will report ‘lifting’.

How to incorporate microcurrent into your skin care routine?

As with all treatments, a combined approach is best, namely skin care in-clinic procedures (that work) as well as home use devices. Here are the facts on home use devices. 

Firstly, most users will view these as fads. Use it 2-3 times for the first week, then you are lucky to use them once a month- if that. It’s like that blender or exercise equipment you bought on late night TV commercials a decade ago. 

Secondly, despite claims by companies, only a very small percentage of patients will demonstrate clinical lifting, as opposed to subjective firming (& the ‘feel good’ factor).

What results can you expect from microcurrent?

For good responders, expect subjective results as compared to objective ones. This means at best your skin will feel firmer. If you get a ‘lift’, it’s a bonus. In reality only 2-5% of users will get a clinically significant lift, however a good proportion of subjects will report ‘firmer’ skin.

What is the definition of ‘firmer’ skin as compared to lifting?

I will cut through the marketing bullcrap with this paragraph.

‘Firmer skin is subjective, it can not be measured with photos, so in the majority of cases the results you receive relies on your touch (or pinch). You can not convey the firmness of a plum- that’s why you need to give it a squeeze to see if fruit is ripe. If you get this concept, you will understand the role of microcurrent.’

Davin’s viewpoint on microcurrent devices for skin tightening & lifting

You will notice in my socials that I do have several sponsored posts, including the Foreo Bear & other microcurrent devices. My thoughts in this unsponsored page is that the 3 big brands, namely Foreo Bear, Ziip Beauty & NuFACE all perform similarly & give the same results, namely subjectively firmer skin in patients who respond. As a home device, I do think they are value for money, providing you understand the real value of microcurrent. 

I do think microcurrent use is novel. Most patients will not continue using it, pure due to the treatment time involved, even though it takes only 3-8 minutes daily. 

The future of home devices combines microcurrent with LED sources & radiofrequency. I have done a few reviews on these devices. Although these companies do not have the marketing budget of Foreo, Ziip & NuFACE, I do think they perform just as well, cost less & have other features such as RF & light emitting diodes in different colors. 

Disclaimer: I have worked with & for Foreo in paid advertising in 2022 & 2023. The views shared on the videos I have done are part of the contract agreement with Foreo whilst promoting the Bear microcurrent device.

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