Venus Legacy: Cellulite Treatments

Venus Legacy; At A Glance

  • Best Results5-8 sessions
  • Treatment RecoveryImmediate
  • Procedure Time5 to 30 mins
  • Skin SpecialistDermal therapist
  • Duration of ResultsVariable
  • AnaestheticPainless
  • Back to WorkImmediately
  • Cost$-$$

Venus Legacy: Cellulite Treatments

Venus Legacy is the ideal device for cellulite treatment. Legacy combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) & pulsed electromagnetic fields with intermittent suctioning. This simultaneously shrinks fat, stimulates collagen production & improves circulation as well as lymphatic drainage.

FactsFacts on Venus Legacy

  • This device uses radio frequency energy to target adipose (fat) tissue
  • Controlled heating diminishes fat cells
  • Heating of the dermal layer also produces collagen, further strengthening & tightening skin
  • Legacy is safe for all skin types, with no risk of pigmentation changes
  • Treatments such as IPL can cause skin darkening
  • Treatments are painless & take 20 to 60 minutes to perform
  • A series of 5 to 8 sessions are recommended
  • I often combine other cellulite targeting treatments including collagen stimulating fillers & subcision with Venus Legacy

What is Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy body-contouring treatments can reduce cellulite. This device also tightens skin & reduces wrinkles.

Legacy uses a combination of multipolar radiofrequency energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields to trigger a boost in natural collagen production. For cellulite reduction, there’s an added suction component that reaches deep through tissue, to impact fat cells and improve the skin’s appearance.

How does Venus Legacy target cellulite?

Legacy works by delivering two forms of energy designed to increase dermal collagen & modulate blood flow.

  1. Multi-Polar RF delivers homogeneous energy & controlled heating to multiple tissue depths, allowing for quick and safe build-up of heat. Heating destroys fat cells & improves circulation.
  2. Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) further modulates circulation in addition to collagen stimulation.

Additionally, the Varipulse technology provides positive & negative air pressure that simultaneously delivers intermittent suctioning. This improves lymphatic drainage, further accelerating fat metabolism.

What types of cellulite responds best?

Certain patterns of cellulite do best with radiofrequency including-

  • Generalised cellulite characterized by wavy & undulating areas
  • Cellulite of the medial or inner thighs

*Divots, depressions & isolated dimples are best treated with subcision procedures.

** Cellulite is best approached with a combination of dermal fillers, radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields & lymphatic massage.

How do I employ Venus Legacy to treat cellulite?

I approach cellulite by addressing the histological & physiological causes. Understanding the etiology of cellulite will give you a clear pathway for treating this common condition.

  1. Extrusion forces of the lower hypodermal or fat layer pushes up on a thin dermal layer. This results in waves or undulations as seen in generalised cellulite. Dermal thickness can be strengthened with collagens stimulating fillers such as poly-L-lactic acid, & calcium hydroxylapatite. Augmented with radiofrequency devices such as Venus Legacy. 
  2. Cellulite banding or fibrous septae that cause divots, depressions & isolated dimples. These bands are cut using subcision with microblades, Nokor, Cellulase 1440 nm side firing lasers, & Cellfina.
  3. Enlarged pockets of adipocytes(fat cells) exert pressure on the dermal layer above. Venus Legacy emits RF & electromagnetic fields to modulate metabolism of fat, reducing adipocyte volume. Intermittent pressure creates suctioning, further assisting clearance & metabolism of cellulite.

What other things can Venus Legacy treat?

Body Shaping & Contouring: Radiofrequency energy has been shown to be effective in melting away focal areas of fat. Typically, the thighs, buttocks, arms & abdomen are treated with Venus Legacy.

Skin tightening: Venus Legacy has the ability to tighten loose skin using multipolar radiofrequency energy coupled with electromagnetic field treatment.

Wrinkles: RF energy stimulates collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles & fine lines without the downtime of lasers. This treatment is ideal for darker skin types or patients who do not have the downtime allowed for lasers/peels.

*Note: in the context of skin tightening, body shaping & wrinkle reduction we recommend a series of 6 to 8 sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

Davin’s Viewpoint on the Venus Legacy: Cellulite treatment

Brisbane is increasingly becoming more ethnic in population with a mixture of Asians, South Americans, Latinos, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islanders. Treating cosmetic concerns such as age-spots, wrinkles, skin pigmentation & sun damage can be challenging. If conventional techniques are employed, skin darkening can occur. Laser treatments have to be conservative, and the parameters precise. The use of hats, sunscreen and sun avoidance post laser is absolutely essential or skin darkening will occur.

My favoured laser is the 1927 wavelength. We have 3 of these lasers, namely LaseMD, Fraxel as well as the Clear & Brilliant. These lasers provide gentle treatments over several sessions. I often combine this treatment with vitamin A, B and C creams as well as pigment inhibitors.

Skin rejuvenation including a reduction in pore size, wrinkles, & improved skin texture and tone can all be achieved, however an extra few laser treatments are needed. Newer generation Pico lasers including the Picoway are much better compare to the older Picosure (first generation lasers).

Pico lasers, unlike the Fraxel has NO downtime. Treatments are gentle and gradual, and performed over a few weeks. This is ideal for skin pigmentation and can be used to improve skin texture and skin tone.

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